While the Internet does not cease the disturbance of parents about the inability to place the child in 10 000 through the portal of public Services, problems with obtaining subsidies appear among other recipients of state aid. In April, the government announced the grant of benefits to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) affected by the coronavirus. SMEs were promised payment of $ 12 130 rubles (one minimum wage) per each employee. However, on the way to obtaining vital grants the entrepreneurs had problems.

the Authorities promised to small and medium enterprises financial assistance, provided that they preserved the number of employees during a pandemic and do not have penalties. In the same way as parents of children from 3 to 16 years, they were asked to submit applications to receive payments remotely. However, there the automated state system failed.

In a statement to receive payment is established legal entity should provide information about the current account in the Bank with his name, correspondent account Bank identification score INN. In may need to apply to receive payments for April, until the end of June – may.

“Knowing that the tax authorities will need time to check, we have applied to the April payments in advance – may 7. Today (22 may) came the denial of the grant. We began to find out in what business, – told “MK” accountant of the enterprise, which is engaged in the sale of printed products – it Turned out that since opening accounts at our Bank has changed several times the legal form and name. In his statement, we have indicated relevant information about the Bank and our account was opened under the old name. In the automated system of tax this information is somehow not updated. Do we blame?”

Some three letters in the statement, and the cause of refusal to grant. “Now we were asked to write a statement to clarify the Bank account information. That still need to go to the Bank for help with our details that will these updated information, and attach it to the application. Then you can write a new application for payments. Of course, this week, these documents will not pass the test,” laments our source. They’re afraid they’ll lose benefits in April: “it is Good that we have the account of another Bank which name has not changed. A new application we have filed, but if the tax authorities will not have time to consider it, we lose the April grants”.

the Situation is very similar to what happens with the portal of public Services, which cannot cope with the call for applications. The digitalization of government processes at the most critical moment showed his imperfection. The automated system was not able to update Yesbest to change the name of the country’s largest Bank, and has suffered from this, those who are now particularly hard.