In Germany, at the age of 58 years died the actor of theatre “Buff” Sergey Maslennikov. About it reported in a press-service of the theatre.

Sergei Maslennikov from a young age he worked in the circus, he knew how to juggle, to dance, to entertain the audience. He received his education at the Leningrad state Institute of theatre, music and cinema, studied with the Isaac Shtockbant. His classmates were Sergey Selin, Olga Peak and other famous actors.

Isaac Shtockbant then only created the theater “Buff”. This theater has attracted people of Leningrad bright, a little provocative performances, unexpected flow. Course the young pop artists under the leadership of Shtockbant quickly became known as “Buff-2”. Through this course were Gennady Vetrov, Yuri Galtsev, Elena Sparrow.

After graduation, Maslennikov joined the team of “Show-BANS”, which successfully toured throughout the country. It was a mixture of drama and clowning, the troupe showed that the clowns can not only entertain children, they can get adults to think about something eternal.

In the nineties, Igor Maslennikov went to work in Germany. There were, but the connection with the theatre, which became native to him, is not lost. Maslennikov’s death came as a shock to colleagues of the artist.