the unemployment rate in the capital increased from 0.44 to 1.7 per cent on labour costs 130 thousand citizens. But it is very low for a city where nearly 8 million economically active population. Besides, of the 100 thousand people who stood on the account, only 30 thousand have recently lost their jobs, and 70 thousand are those who had before but was not on the account, and now I went and checked, because unemployment increased from 12 to 19 130 500 rubles.

But those who coronavirus not left without work, he was sent on forced leave with the minimum salary in his pocket. Together with the restaurant and tourism business stopped and the film industry. The actors remained without work, but not all decided to sit back and wait when life will improve. For example, a 37-year-old actor serials Basil Long decided to become a postman. And this is after dozens of films and documentaries. “I’m sure the movies will soon begin to shoot, and looking forward to it. But to remain without work and without money could not,” he says. Without thinking, Basil appealed to the employment center, writing on the website about his desire to work. Urgent vacancy was the mailman. Surprisingly, the actor agreed without hesitation. His working day now starts at 6: 30 am. First you need to sort the mail according to the itinerary. Then the postman, 1st class starts. “The day I pass about 5-6 kilometers. After the spread of Newspapers and magazines are returned to the site and start dressing registered mail. If you have urgent parcels, packages, we have to go a third time. In addition, the spread of retirement, and Sunday’s my day off and I relax, read, watch films,” he said.

did Not despair in difficult times and 27-year-old Maria Sandalova. The girl’s life divided into “before” and “after” of coronavirus. In February she was a homemaker and was raising my daughter, and at the end of March my husband announced a reduction of wages by almost three times. Maria decided to go to the website of the employment service and left a request on the job search. A few days later she got a call from the curator – senior inspector of the centre of employment of employment “Northern Izmailovo” Natalia Vlasova. She was offered a job at the grocery store. The choice was: cashier, accountant, merchandiser, consultant, warehouse worker. “After contacting the employment service took only two weeks, and I got a job as a sales assistant in a large supermarket, told Maria. Work in walking distance of course, I could not dream, but here such luck – just 10 minutes from the house.”

All of two months, the employment service was opened – put on account of unemployment and helped to find work, but all of this remotely, even the interview took place via Skype and WhatsApp. Work at brown��dark of consultants increased – if the pandemic for different services in the day addressed about 500 Muscovites, after the introduction of restrictions and increase of unemployment benefits every day began to come about 8 thousand applications. According to capital Department of work and social security, since March 29, found a job already 5198 candidates.

Now the city is slowly coming back to live communication – open MPC, and they and 35 of the territorial employment centers. So, pre-book an appointment, you can personally talk to and ask the consultant about all the vacancies and compile a career plan, following which it is possible to find a dream job, and most importantly – a stable income. Today in Bank of vacancies of about 40 thousand sentences in different areas: logistics, warehouse work, online services, social media support and call center. Employers are actively looking to recruit managers, couriers and drivers. Big load now and on the health of the labor market has increased the demand for nurses and caregivers.

There are proposals for “serious” places. For example, you want a leader in a company engaged in the design of infrastructure of railway transport, with a salary of more than 250 thousand rubles. One of the mobile operators are looking for territorial sales Manager with a salary of 180 thousand rubles.

the labor Department saying that because of the pandemic, many people began to think about getting a new profession that would allow to work on remote. “It should focus on the digitalization of their knowledge. Digital Finance, data Analytics, computer literacy and the basics of programming is the skills that are in demand in almost any profession. To learn them totally free and qualification can be improved and the employment center “My job”, – told “RG” in the Department.

to find a job, applicants can log on to the portal in the project My work remotely and submit an online application for job search or to familiarise themselves with the list of “hot jobs.” Ask a question or get advice on the design of public services is possible by phone 8 (495) 705-75-75.