The Moscow arbitration court invalidated the license agreement under which the company “Honest music” was forbidden to the former soloist of group “Tender may” Yuri Shatunov to perform the band’s songs. A lawsuit challenging the document was filed by the singer.

Under the agreement, from 1 April 2016 the exclusive right to use the musical works of “Honest music” gave the businessman Ruslan Filatov. Subsequently, the company sent Shatunova claim in which he stated that he has no right to perform a number of songs “Tender may”.

As explained by the representative of the singer in court, his position of “Honest music” based on the fact that is the owner of the rights on music, text and a soundtrack. The company relied on a contract with Filatov, reports RIA Novosti. However, according to the representative of the plaintiff, on the soundtrack the voice of Shatunova that anyone of rights to its execution are not passed on and regulations in respect of phonograms is not signed.

In addition, the lawyer stressed that, in principle, not understandable reasons that Filatov considers himself the owner of the rights on the songs “Tender may”.

The representative of “Honest music” in the previous meetings of the court argued that Filatov at the conclusion of the license contract guaranteed, which is the sole owner of the rights, which was confirmed by the contract with the producer Andrey Razin and judicial acts, in which were listed the works that belong Razin under contract with the author Sergey Kuznetsov.

The court on 3 July, representatives of the “Honest music” and Razin, who was involved in a dispute as a third party, failed to appear. A written application for living in Sochi Filatov, who asked to postpone the hearing because of illness, the court rejected.

“Tender may” — a popular Soviet and Russian musical group. The band was formed in 1986 in Orenburg boarding school № 2 head of music mug by Sergei Kuznetsov with the participation of 13-year-old pupil of the institution Yuri Shatunova. All-Union popularity and commercial success came to the group after it was noticed by the producer Andrey Razin, who worked at that time administrator of the group “Mirage”.

As previously wrote Razin believes that connecting rod never owned the rights to the music and lyrics. He invited the singer to sign a contract with the current owner — the company “Honest music”.