This Father — a former policeman Alexander. Ekaterina Ivanovna, mother of Dana Borisova, refuses to meet with her ex-husband, even for famous daughter.

the Former host of the program “Army shop” Dana Borisova frankly admitted, what conflicts exist in her family. In conversation with “MK” presenter said that her father, who reportedly is homeless, is not in need of help and money. Alexander Borisov, according to This, used to live at her expense. On a talk-show star father Alexander demanded help from This, however, as acknowledged by leading, living father has.

Dana, how’s your mother Ekaterina Ivanovna responds to what the father asks for money from you?

— Mom can’t stand him. In a talk show even refused to participate, for a lot of money. In the transmission acting she flatly refused. Just never see him.

— Where he now lives Ekaterina Ivanovna?

— In the Crimea. In Sudak.

as far As we know, the father has other children. Why are they not helping him?

— Because all the sisters, too, at my expense used to live. They are so comfortable. Good job.

How many of them you transferred the money?

— a Lot. Over a lifetime, not to count, to be honest.

— Your father really is homeless?

— No, of course not. This is a manipulation.

father is in the profession?

— it construction education, then the school and the police were. He worked as a policeman for many years. Contact the mother, she is the truth told in detail. The friends also told us that the father brings forth leading her to give him money.

“Alexander Borisov literally extorts This money – began the familiar Borisova. – And this is not legal, because it is not disabled, not poor. He has a military pension, he has a property, car and so on. Therefore, it is clearly not poor. Dana is now with him beating. There is a batch. In this situation, of course, have to side with This. This conflict can come to court”.