Sentence NIN Massieu — accountant, “the Seventh Studio” and the main prosecution witness in the case about the theft of 129 million rubles allocated for the development of modern art, rendered Tuesday, June 30, petty-bourgeois court. Like other defendants, Masliaev, too, remained at large. It was clear even yesterday, when the Prosecutor in the debate proposed to appoint the chief accountant for two years and three months of imprisonment and to release it from punishment in connection with his departure — during the preliminary investigation Maslyaeva was in jail and under house arrest. The court agreed to this request.

the very date of the verdict Massieu was unexpected. The trial of the accountant is 2019. Her case was allocated from the core due to the fact that Maslyaeva was the only one who made a deal with the investigation. In December 2019, the thing started to listen to judge Tatyana Shanina. But she refused Massieu in a special order of consideration of the case without examining the evidence because the accountant first fully admitted his guilt, and then said it was willing to recognize only what is wrongly assigned 5 million roubles and was engaged in cashing in of money at the direction of the “Seventh Studio” and its founder Kirill Serebrennikov.

the Hearing was continued until June 2020, and then the judge, citing illness, out of business. The new judge began his consideration on 16 June, it was expected that the process will be also quite long — all the evidence had to relearn.

However, after only three days after the verdict Serebrennikov and other defendants (they got suspended sentences and fines 26 June) held a debate of the parties in Massieu. The Prosecutor asked for her humane sentence. Prior to this, the prosecution asked the court to adduce Massieu the results of the new economic and financial artistic examination of the main case, involving pieces of silver, and others. Thus, the initial amount of damage in Massieu was also reduced from 133.2 million to 128.9 million.

She Maslyaeva asked the judge to show her leniency and particularly insisted on the fact that did not act independently. For the record, the woman had a criminal record, which she received in 2010 in Bryansk. She was accused of embezzlement of 30 thousand rubles. It connects this incident with poor relationship that she had with a former boss. Previous criminal record Massieu ended probation in 1.5 years, at the same time she was not allowed to hold the positions connected with economic regulatory functions. As noted by the judge in sentence by sentence, these restrictions were lifted.

that from the end of the debate, before the sentence was less than a day, many seemed strange. Someone from journalists has suggested that the judgeI will announce only the operative part of the sentence – otherwise, when she managed to write it completely? Contrary to expectations, the text of the sentence was complete, with a mean of 300 sheets.

And if the sentence Serebrennikov, the judge took pity on the actors and the audience and immediately invited all to sit, the judge in the case of Massieu, despite a sleepless night (she wrote the sentence?), not departed from the ordinary rules – she stood, stood other.

“pieces of silver out of selfish motives provide the “Seventh Studio” of subsidies to support the development and promotion of contemporary art… and giving to the Ministry of culture of inflated estimates, Apfelbaum, not aware of the criminal nature of the events, agreed documents…provided the acceptance of the report without the audit of target use of grants by Acting jointly and in concert with members of the criminal group pieces of silver… through guidance Itino, the Malopolski, Massieu translated from the account “the Seventh Studio” on the settlement account of IP Sinelnikov in St. Petersburg… on the same day, as instructed by Massieu, Sinelnikov, not being aware of criminal intentions, withdrew cash and handed them over to members of the criminal group in Moscow… ” – said in the verdict, when the judge was describing the next episode of the theft of budget money. Many of the findings of the investigation have already been made during the trial of Kirill Serebrennikov and his team. Therefore, at present, apparently, there was deja vu. But the verdict is the verdict. After a few hours of monotonous reading the judge has reached a logical end. Nina Maslyaeva sentenced to 2 years 3 months in prison and read out the time spent in jail and under house arrest. This means that the woman actually is free from the court to go home. In addition, it will agree with Serebrennikov, Malopolski and Itanim to pay damages to 129 million.