Quarantine, during which the majority of outlets in the country closed its doors to customers, caused a rise in the value of the jewelry. While jewelry made of precious metals sold at the old prices, but in September their cost may grow by almost a third, which will be an unpleasant surprise for the newlyweds, who preferred to associate family ties in the early fall. As noted in an interview with “MK” the General Director of the Guild of jewellers of Russia Eduard Utkin, soon the price of wedding rings could rise by a third.

In Russia, on the sale of a pink gold ring 585 can now be bought for 7 thousand roubles. The global geopolitical and economic situation does not inspire confidence in the reliability of investments in precious metals. So, is it worth the savings to invest in gold or maybe leave the last funds for the purchase of currency?

Since the beginning of the year gold in ruble terms went up by 32%. It is a fact from which it is impossible to dismiss. Sales in the last three months, when the shops were quarantined showed that the raw material for jewelry became more expensive by one third, so the finished product that will arrive on shelves in September-October, also will be sold at higher prices. Now the stores sell products purchased before the imposition of restrictive sanctions. However, the remains are not infinite. Therefore, in the early autumn, when the shelves of jewelry stores will do a new product, their cost may be about a third more expensive.

After the lifting of the quarantine, the demand for jewelry has increased? That is, the interest of ordinary buyers to jewelry will increase?

This is the effect of pent-up demand. Many of the outlets after the abolition of the General quarantine has recorded sales growth of 15-20%, which is not expected from the experts in the jewelry industry. We can say that the population has accumulated the need to decorations despite the difficult economic situation of the country and the financial difficulties of ordinary consumers. Now stores will fill your inventory stock by selling previously purchased merchandise or the purchase of products on the already increased prices. This cannot be avoided. Stores do not expect higher demand. In addition, you must consider the cost of production of jewelry, which is growing by leaps and bounds. The factors that determine the cost of manufacturing jewelries made of precious metals and stones, while only increase the cost of jewelry. Downward price movement is impossible.

Many continue to believe that the autumn in Russia is the luckiest time for the wedding. Maybe it’s time to purchase wedding “rings” until they rose in price?

the sooner you buy the wedding rings, the dash��of VLE they will cost you. The retail market has already begun to fix prices. Those who have planned a wedding for autumn, you should hurry with the purchase of gold jewelry is a sign of loyalty to each other. The fall of the symbol of entry into a legal marriage may grow in price by thirty percent. As a result, to get married will be more expensive than to keep remote relationships. However, to refuse to gifts of jewelry to each other is not necessary — it’s for life.