may 12 in Moscow a regime of compulsory wearing of masks and gloves in public. But not everyone has the financial ability to purchase a large supply of such protective equipment. Craftsmen describe how self-production of protective gloves made of conventional plastic bags.

In social networks in recent weeks, there were hundreds of messages telling by yourself at home to build a protective mask. As for protective gloves, here are our kulibins much less creative. Glove know-how are not very common. But still, something seemed quite technologically advanced to detect managed.

so. As initial semi-finished product will need normal plastic bags, preferably made of fairly thick plastic. Also will need a small sheet of cardboard, scissors, a pencil, a piece of plywood or an old cutting Board, and finally the electric soldering iron.

In the first stage, take a piece of cardboard, put it on your hand, fingers extended slightly, the fingers, and trace it with a pencil. Important point: the contours of the fingers should be done at five millimeters wide.

Next, using scissors cut out the profile and the resulting cardboard pattern.

Now we need to include the electric soldering iron. Put gently straightened the bag on fanerku. On top of pressed cardboard template and take your time to spend in his path with a soldering iron, encircling the perimeter of each finger and side areas of the brush. In places where it will be heated sting of a soldering iron, the polyethylene will melt, forming a strong enough weld.

After this will only separate at this seam extra parts of the package. Then you are ready okajetsya protective glove. Repeating all the manipulations again using another plastic bag, you can make her a pair.

the Whole process described above takes just a few minutes.

One of the “creatives” are suggested to improve this technology and to do even without soldering. A cardboard template is also not needed. But in return, you will need a piece of fairly soft wire with a diameter of about 3 millimeters.

the wire vygeboom contour brush of his hand splayed slightly with your fingers. As in the above-described embodiment, the width of the fingers need to do with a margin of 4-5 millimeters. One side of the resulting artful squiggles should provide a wire “tail” with length of 20-30 centimeters and resemble a G-handle: bend the wire at first vertically, and then in the middle of the vertical bend at right angles.

Further, the process of forming a protective gloves is very simple. Put a plastic bag on fanerku, gently straighten it. Heated wire the circuit on a gas stove (to keep it with the need for bent upward “tail”is the handle). And then pressed against the heated piece of metal to the polyethylene uniformly throughout the length of the contour.

it Remains now, as in the previous embodiment, to remove the seam formed by the excess plastic. Glove ready.