once in Wuhan had a recorded several new cases infected with coronavirus, the government decided to hold for 10 days citywide testing Covid-19 all residents of the 11-million city.

Officials from the district public health Commission announced the Chinese edition of Global Times that the city regulators have requested from the districts of Wuhan to provide a detailed plan for the conduct of epidemiological research, as well as measures to prevent and control the epidemic.

the Screening and testing will be focused on the densely populated residential complexes and areas with high population mobility. Thus, as reports the South China Morning Post, the tests shall cover both permanent residents of Wuhan, and visitors.

the Party chief of Wuhan van Junling said Monday that a recent study of new cases will prevent the return of the coronavirus and will be the best way to ensure the health and safety of people.

the Decision of city authorities to conduct mass testing of residents in nukleinovogo acid followed by news that, in spite of more than seventy days strict quarantine in Wuhan at the end of last week was recorded six new cases of infection with coronavirus for the first time in more than a month.

none of these new infections were not “imported” from abroad, which caused concern about prospects for the spread of infection in Wuhan.

the Chief officer of Wuhan Changqing district, where there was a new outbreak, Zhang Yuxin received on the cap – he was removed from office “for performance for the prevention and fight against epidemics”.

Experts say that new cases in Wuhan demonstrate a real risk of a second wave of potential transmission in the community from asymptomatic carriers or infected with mild symptoms. And large-scale testing can help to find hidden vehicles and to eliminate the risk of a second wave.

Tests for nucleic acid work by detecting the genetic code of the virus and can be more effective (especially early on) when detecting infection than tests that explores the body’s immune response, although the latter is easier to carry out.

the Plan for the implementation of such an ambitious project, already nicknamed “destinies battle”, not yet published. All the specifics is still under further investigation. But, as expected, the official data will be published in the near future, the sources said.

According to experts, the scale of Wuhan of the test are appropriate to the available capacity China, which increased for several months after the first outbreak in December.

Director of the Department of intensiveOh therapy, Zhongnan hospital at the Wuhan University Peng Zhiyong said Tuesday edition of Global Times, which has not yet received the details of the test plan. In his opinion, the testing of each citizen (and Wuhan, there are about 11 million permanent residents.) would be costly, so it is very likely that the testing will focus on key groups and communities. For example, people who had close contact with sick people and their families, medical staff, the elderly.

Deputy Director of the Department of biology of the pathogens of Wuhan University, Yang Janicu Global Times said that in April, the city had expanded the scope of testing.

“About three to five million people have been tested and proved to be healthy, and thus Wuhan is capable of testing the remaining 6.8 million in 10 days”, – the expert believes.

In Wuhan already checked teachers, health workers, public transport workers, workers of sphere of service in shopping malls and other public places, as well as employees and residents of nursing homes.

Ian Janicu recognizes that the results of the citywide test, “you’ll never know if not infected people after a negative result.” So, the scientist believes, “is essentially an epidemiological investigation to determine the current situation.” And, according to Jan, city-wide testing will allow residents badly affected by coronavirus epidemic Wuhan to feel more comfortable and to speed up the process of returning to work and school.

for its part, an epidemiologist with the Chinese center for control and prevention of diseases in Tsungu said on Monday TV channel CCTV, which, in his opinion, large-scale screening and testing are not required. And the main “battlefields” are the key community and certain groups of people.

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