It’s support from the estate of a fence, which remained in Bryusov lane until the 1980s (then it was called the street Nezhdanova in honor of people’s artist of USSR, laureate of the Stalin prize Antonina Nezhdanova). All cast iron posts and fence of the seventeenth century have disappeared, and this remained. Because grown into a house built in 1900-m to year. Saw foreigner, not a foreigner, the local historian Alexander Mozhayev.

the estate had many owners. Then in its place broke the square. The fence lasted the longest, until it was cut down and was sent away for scrap. But this post clung to his native place. And for him – Alexander Mozhaev.

– He started to clean the column. In total we have ten layers of paint, – says Nataliya Tarnavska, who along with other volunteers worked on the restoration. – The entire twentieth century, the pillar was painted, and continued to do so in the twentieth century. And we left a small piece of history to show the layers.

Restoration, which has been agreed with the homeowners of the house 6 on Brusovka the alley, engaged in a month. Hampered by the rains, moreover, has been quarantined.

– Restorer Katia Dmitrieva and I used to come here in my free time and cleaned the post. We were helped by the volunteers, otherwise I would three months then was picked – says Natalya.

a Big crack in the column was sealed by cold welding. It was dredged, how could the ground. Thought to restore the vase that adorned the pole until the 2000s, but it’s too expensive. Now the volunteers are going to include a column in the list of objects of protection, to no longer fill.

For European tourists in Moscow, such as the post of the XVII century, it is hardly of interest. But for Muscovites, which is really interesting city and its history, not just the glossy types and the main square, this is an important point.

– We travel to Europe to look at some details. But if you know how to look at your city, you make it fun to tell your friends about it using such details – I’m sure Nataliya Tarnavska, which for several years engaged in restoration of old Moscow signs. – When walking around the city, in which I see the point, you boost your self-esteem as a citizen. And the city becomes not just a place to move.

According to Natalia, the owners of the buildings become more attentive to these details: “the Situation in Moscow with the heritage, demolition of buildings similar to what happened in Europe 30 years ago. I talked to local historians in London, they confirm this. Maybe we’ll go faster this way. And work in this direction should not only the municipality but also the citizens themselves”.

Restoration of old signs, fragments such as the old post bring the city and people can give totally different feeling.

– Yes it seems that you host in your city. It is believed that we can do a lot with your country, city… But really, you just have to do what I can. And then everything will be OK. Our little example with the column in Bryusov lane confirms this, – said Natalia Tarnavsky.