the Tablet, developed for conducting the national census, after the census activities will be released to the internal Affairs bodies, medical and educational institutions. This was told by Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov and the Ministry of communications Maksut Shadaev at the opening of the new production line of tablet computers on the basis of the Russian operating system “Aurora”.

“It is the start for future orders: after performing their tasks according to the census of the tablets will be used by other customers. For example, first aid and employees of traffic police,” – said Manturov.

the Tablets can be a convenient tool for working teachers, said Maksut Shadaev. “Teachers now in many cases there are no laptops and computers, and the tablet can help to show students the electronic content, the electronic magazine,” he said.

to this end, the production of tablets can be increased up to 1 million 200 pieces. Now census is planned to produce 360 thousand tablets.

the Minister also said that in 2-3 years can be expected and data solutions to the commercial market.