in the Summer of 2020, the demand for purchase of country houses in the Moscow region grew by 30 percent compared to the figure for the same period of 2019. At the same time because of the epidemic of the coronavirus preferences of Muscovites has changed — became popular in the far garden, located at 100-130 km from MKAD, according to the materials of the Agency “MIEL”, arrived in edition “”.

According to realtors, these houses cost about one million rubles. The main requirement of the buyers — giving should be fully ready to move in. The main demand is for the home area of 150-200 square meters, built on plots of 10 to 12 acres in picturesque places with good transport accessibility.

“a Large number of transactions takes place with the objects, the price of which is kept at the level of the November-December 2019, and thus clients definitely are traded, dropping the price of the original sometimes 500 thousand — 1 million roubles in the economy class segment”, — experts say.

They emphasize what is called the demand for cottages is not excessive: in the fall of 2014 at the suburban real estate market there was a lull, and the increase in the popularity of the “fence” is a return to the figures of six years ago. “Maintaining the current level of demand will require six to seven years to absorb all the amount of country proposals,” — says the expert.

Earlier in June, it was predicted the change in lifestyle of Muscovites after a pandemic, according to experts, citizens become more likely to make a choice in favor of suburban real estate. Many of them have acquired the experience of living outside the city during the spread COVID-19.