As it turned out, few people remember that from 1942 to 1946 in Novosibirsk in the evacuation worked Belarusian Jewish theatre. He was placed in the House of Lenin, in the heart of the city, together with the Novosibirsk Theatre. The performances were played in Yiddish. During the war years the collective of the theatre has given about three hundred performances in Novosibirsk, they were visited by over a hundred thousand spectators. More than five hundred concerts were held at enterprises, collective farms, hospitals, military units, including on the front lines.

As the Minister of culture of the Novosibirsk region Natalia Yaroslavtseva, is an international Museum project, and he is more than just an exhibition. He held its authors, including the Novosibirsk Museum of local lore and the Museum of the Siberian Agency, it took more than two years. Information and exhibits have helped museums, libraries, archives of Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, and the Jewish community house of St. Petersburg, the Museum of the synagogue on Bolshaya Bronnaya. Musical arrangement of the exhibition provided students and teachers of the Novosibirsk state Conservatory. M. I. Glinka.

– This is not research, but rather investigate, collect the crumbs of disparate facts about Belgazeta – said the coordinator of the project Artem Gottlieb. When I first began this, the first thing I asked my grandmother. It turned out, she attended theater performances, and local Newspapers wrote about the productions.

In the showcases documents, photographs, personal belongings, and in the multimedia complex – the memories of employees and music from the theater. Composer Andrei Molchanov, was able to recover, rethink and present to the public the Novosibirsk musical works of theater Director Lev Litvinov (Gurevich), United in “Belgoset-Suite”. Performed by the songwriter Psoy Korolenko and musicians Brass quintet “54” was a new sound presented on the exhibition the song of Jacob Rosenfeld and Samuel Polonsky.

P. S.

One of the performances Belgoset called “Lebedik UN freylekh” (“Alive and fun”). The project authors believe that this is the meaning of the professions of artist and musician is to give people joy and hope to the audience at heart became a little lighter, that they felt that, despite everything, people still alive and ahead of will certainly Win.