Why Sweden is ahead of other countries in the number of new deaths due coronavirus in a week how to hedge against dismissal during a pandemic will be buyers in the trade centers after the easing of restrictions.

in Total, the country discovered 387 623 cases of coronavirus, according to the Federal operational headquarters on the site stopmanager.of the Russian Federation. During the day, the doctors diagnosed COVID-19 another 8 572 people. Over the past day in the country from COVID-19 killed 232 people, this is the highest number of deaths per day. The previous record of 174 death, this indicator was achieved on 26 and 28 may. The total number of deaths from the coronavirus has reached 4 374. Only in Russia treatment continued 223 992 people.

For the week from 23 to 29 may, the average number of deaths per million population in Sweden made up 5.59. This figure is higher than in any other country and 11 times higher than the world average, which is equal to 0.49.

According to the Institute Johns Hopkins, in Sweden recorded 36.4 per thousand cases of infection with the new coronavirus type; 4.4 thousand deaths and 5 thousand of recovered patients. The authorities decided to abandon the strict quarantine measures, so as not to harm the country’s economy, but, according to some forecasts, the economic result may be the same as in other countries.

Doctors have not identified any new cases of coronavirus in the past week. According to the Agency, to date, 98.5% of those infected were considered fully recovered. Under the supervision of physicians was the last patient with active disease, doctors believe his condition is satisfactory and he is treated on an outpatient basis.

Pandemic and the unstable economic situation entail mass unemployment. In turn, the market is not far behind and gives its proposal. Thus, it is proposed to buy insurance in case of job loss. The media found out, what are the advantages and disadvantages of such policies.

From 1 June in Moscow will earn shops selling non-food goods, and owners of shopping centers do not hide their hopes for the restoration of consumer traffic. However, without entertainment continues to expect an influx of customers is not worth it, experts say. Also, the market can expect increased competition.

Clinical pharmacologist, doctor of medical Sciences Andrey Kondrakhin told how to observe safety measures while in the cinema, fitness centers shopping centres and beauty salons.

Previously, Chinese virologists criticized the fact that they are very reluctant to share data with their foreign counterparts, but Jimin yuan told otherwise.

the Famous Chinese artist AI Weiwei, who is known as one of the most influential people in the world claimSTA, began to paint ordinary medical masks from pharmacies and sell it online. So the artist intends to raise money to help in the fight against coronavirus. They will be sent to the organization “Doctors without borders”, Refugees International and Human Rights Watch, said Weiwei on his page in the social network.

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a Pack of monkeys in India attacked a medical worker and took his blood samples of patients with a positive result on COVID-19, may 29, reports Reuters with reference to local authorities. According to the authorities, it is unclear whether poured monkey blood samples, but people living near drowning in the greenery of the campus, fear of further spread of the virus, because monkeys could steal the sample in residential areas.

news in the framework of the project “5 things I’ll do after the end of isolation” publish stories stars about their plans for life after it all finally, end.

a Graduate of the first season of “American idol”, the former participant of group “Factory”, and now a solo singer Sati Kazanova due pandemic coronavirus turned away from her husband Stefano Tiozzo, who is now in Italy.