Putin made an appeal to the citizens of the world’s economy predicted a new problem, Russians began to buy travel vouchers, and skeptics called the cause of much extinction of the epidemic.

For the last day in the country identified 7425 cases of coronavirus infection in 84 regions. From 32,7% of cases no clinical manifestations. In the Russian Federation, cumulative total was 599 705 COVID-19.

the day he died 153 people, and for the whole period of Russia — 8 359. Recovered from the beginning of the epidemic 356 429 people.

on Tuesday, June 23, President Vladimir Putin made an appeal to the citizens. Key themes included the interim results of suppression of coronavirus, the state of the economy and the country’s prospects for the near future.

this time the President talked about combating the spread of coronavirus infection in the country over the past three months, and also announced some measures of support. The most important of his address to the nation:

Payments to providers will be extended for July and August.

personal income tax Rate will be increased from 13 to 15%, but only for those Russians who earn more than 5 million rubles per year.

Families with children under 16 years will receive the payment of 10 000 rubles for each child even in July.

Preferential mortgage spread for new housing costing up to 6 million rubles, and in Moscow and St. Petersburg — up to 12 million rubles.

Skeptics who do not believe in the danger of coronavirus and neglect measures of social distancing, are the reason for a more prolonged period of extinction of the epidemic and the emergence of new foci of infection, according to an expert on statistics and modeling, Center for economic research Aghasi Tavadyan.

Referring to the data of polls of Russians, he noted that 30% of citizens are skeptical about COVID-19.

From late may-mid June two times increased the number of people who have the coronavirus fell ill relative or friend (28,19%). This was stated in a study conducted by the Directorate on expert-analytical the work of the Higher school of Economics.

the Number of respondents whose houses or in the neighborhood recorded cases of infection increased over the period from 26 may to 16 June from 4.7 to 8.1%. While faced with the coronavirus through illness, sure constraints during the isolation had to be more.

The strong decline in deaths will occur in Moscow. This forecast was made by expert on statistics and modeling, Center for economic research Aghasi Tavadyan. According to him, in the capital and its suburbs the death rate will decrease in two-three times, and in other Russian regions is 1.5−2 times.

the Pandemic continues to gain momentum. Amid the spread of the disease, the losses will be borne by both businesses and consumer��ate, writes Bloomberg. Indicators in transport and public supply has improved, however, the surge in the number of infections could undermine or reverse progress. Experts believe that before the creation of the vaccine does not make sense to talk about full recovery.

Largest cities different into account the dead who in life were infected with a coronavirus, according to the BCG report. Most of the cities in the classification of deaths focus on the test results, some consider the post-mortem autopsy, which, along the lines of differences in coverage, gives a mortality rate that is unsuitable for international comparisons.

In the future, all countries will also revise the current data because of the nature of demographic indicators in General.

One of the oldest tour operators in Russia — the St. Petersburg company “Nika” announced the termination of the activities of June 22, in connection with impossibility to extend the existing contract of insurance of responsibility of tour operator in the field of international outbound tourism.

In the coming days, the organization’s office in Moscow will stop its work, the office in St. Petersburg will continue to work in the remote format to resolve issues with customers.

throughout France, there were mass celebrations in honor of the Day of music. Despite the restrictions imposed due pandemic coronavirus, the government did not cancel the traditional festival. And, perhaps, in vain. On the day of the festival to the streets of French cities, forgetting about the rules of social distance, the means of protection and quarantine, reached thousands of people.

In June, there has been a significant growth in demand for travel packages after a sharp decline in March-may constituting more than 80%. According to analysts, only a week from 8 to 15 June — the increase was 172%. This is due to the removal of most of the restrictive measures on the movement in the major cities of Russia and the opening of the tourist season in the southern regions of the country.

on 22 June, after almost four months of quarantine in Barcelona opened the famous Opera house, Liceu. Their first concert, the musicians decided to play for an unusual audience — instead of the people in the audience took 2292 plants brought from different nurseries. For them, the string Quartet played miniature of Giacomo Puccini’s “Chrysanthemums”.

it Turned out that 43% of men who were infected with coronavirus and cured in the plasma of blood contains enough antibodies to be used for transfusion to critically ill patients. While among women this figure is only 29%. The reason for this, according to doctors, is that men carry heavier this disease.

the First world successful transplant of stem cells from a patient infected with coronavirus new type, held in Thailand. Seven-year Cintakan will Boklomi, who was born with a genetic blood disorder — thalassemia — doctors transplanted stem cells of bone marrow from her five year old brother. In addition to the risks associated with coronavirus, doctors had not much time because Cintakan already prepared for chemo, and thus, her immune system was weak.

as a result, In stem cells was coronavirus, and the transplant was successful.