After our publications about the sudden outbreak of the coronavirus in Baikonur town and cosmodrome closed from outsiders. The decree about it was signed today by the head of administration Konstantin Busygin and shall come into force from 00:00 hours on June 27.

“We hope that we will be able to reach Moscow, and the situation will change for the better”, – at the moment, just created the petition for the salvation of Baikonur, signed by about five hundred people. She addressed the Russian Government and specifically the Ministry of health.

“save the people, save the Baikonur, coved Baikonur”, – call workers the legendary Baikonur to the authorities.

“the life of a hard worker, life and labor which they devote Russia, space, world. Do we leave them in the lurch when they need us so much? Need help. Need medication. Need doctors. Need diagnostics. In need of treatment.

the City is very small. All residents are in contact with each other. The scope of delivery is not developed. And what to deliver if drugs in the pharmacies there. And what to make, when the person knows kovid it or just SARS. Dr. bezvylazno at the exits. But the most help will not come at all, as doctors too little. The tests for determining #of coronavirus do not!!!!”, – list of citizens pressing problems.

the Situation escalated after may 28, before the infection has been contained, but here in the infectious Department of Central hospital received six people with signs of coronavirus. They were all citizens of Kazakhstan, shift workers, sick during the work shift, however, to deny them medical help from Russia it was impossible – they had their domicile at Baikonur.

After that, within just three weeks the epidemic has swept the city, everything was so bad that my post the other day, even left the chief sanitary doctor of Baikonur.

the Residents did not know what to do, where to go. Moreover, official restrictions in force in the territory from April, 1 June seems to have been removed.

“People are sent home with a fever and cough — so describe the situation in the city chats to the relatives of the patients. — Work two doctors in the whole town! Two nurses at a hospital in the last power.”

“are taken To the hospital in critical condition – written in the petition. – Last night 6 people were killed. This is a lot for the city. VERY. And what will happen if help does not come?!”

And here from June 27 to again quarantined. It is not known how long the restrictions. Now check-in and departure for Baikonur Kazakhstan from even the nearest settlements are allowed only by special permit issued by the UPR��phenomenon security administration or the State Corporation “Roscosmos”. To leave the city can, in exceptional cases, for example, to the funeral.

“After the announcement of the closure of Baikonur is that nothing has changed. People sweep products from the stores, but in drugstores, thank God, though, brought medications. Pandemonium is horrible! Tests for antibodies coved and still never surrender” – lists the first change of the townspeople.

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