it Became known what happened to Bari by Alibasova before his alleged hospitalization in a psychiatric hospital. The producer went missing about 20 days ago, colleagues are seriously concerned about the health of entertainer and trying to track him down. Recently Bari Karimovich very experienced real estate and family difficulties associated with Lydia Fedoseeva – Shukshina.

Bari by Alibasova happened a new problem. According to media, the producer went to a psychiatric hospital. However, we can’t say that udostovereno. The official representative of Bari Karimovich, in a conversation with “MK” talked about serious property and family problems producer recently.

my Son asked me not to disclose the information about his father. The boy was hiding something.

– You when of Bari Karimovich met?

– In early June he was gone. 4 Jun son they took him out of the apartment. Since then, Bari Karimovich of never seen, never. And it’s been more than 20 days.

As at the last meeting Bari Karimovich feel?

Then it was normal. And then the son took him somewhere, at home it is definitely not.

– Lydia Nikolaevna has responded to his loss?

They lived together, as far as I know. They had a guest marriage. They built a relationship in quite a Mature age, each had their own life, their habits. But they do regularly meet, the absolute truth! I saw it myself. Bari Karimovich always positive, spoke about Lydia Nikolaevna, was waiting to meet her. He loves her. But they had disagreements regarding property. I think there is not so simple in this conflict.

Divide the property between their families?

– it’s complicated. A lot of persons of interest. Everyone is trying to influence other for personal goals. The Real “Santa Barbara.” All the problems are with the one on this side. I think that the problems be resolved soon. While we wait for the appearance of Bari Karimovich, his phone is silent all 20 days, no one takes up. From the group “on-On” he was also not seen. Where is he? What’s wrong with him? For us it is a mystery. The son, like, promised to reply.

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