not Particularly accustomed to something to trust the Russians, Rosstat, too, are skeptical. After all life is one, and on the report – is quite another. Meanwhile, the main statorgan country celebrates its anniversary – a quarter of a century.

As you know, there are little lies, there are big lies and there are statistics. Most experts and economists, who are often faced with the analysis of the indices of Rosstat, adhere to this opinion.

Who not only criticized the Agency in recent years! Both the Finance Ministry and the state Duma, and even the President of the country Vladimir Putin. Recall: from subordination directly to the Prime Minister “under the wing” of economic development it went in 2009.

All agree that the data provided by Rosstat for GDP growth, real cash incomes of the population and other important indicators are often guilty of inaccuracies. Recognizing the problem, President Vladimir Putin once called this Agency “to improve the system of state statistics”.

Although, according to experts, this constant “improving the system” and creates confusion, fit the results for the power of our extras.

Referring to the anniversary of Rosstat, chief economist at the state development Corporation Vnesheconombank Andrei Klepach said that this service shall not be subject to some single Ministry. And need for complete independence and objectivity, under the direct subordination of the Cabinet of Ministers, the presidential Administration or the Parliament, as practiced in many countries of the world. “The problem is the bringer of bad news always was, he said, but from the independence of the Rosstat for the country will not harm, and benefit.”

Who would argue. But as you know, Russia built a rigid vertical of power, and here who domestic of extras no take – any structure, sooner or later will want to steer economic gait of power, to embellish our real life.

Many economists who are in need of service often deal with data of Rosstat, use other figures – more real and are by and large not much to add or subtract.

for Example, for the consumption of electricity in the country, or turnover of goods on the railway. After all, if, according to Rosstat, our gross domestic product for some period of time suddenly shows a sharp jump, and goods during this time were transported significantly less than that, then what about the growth to say?!

by the Way, such inconsistencies in data are often caught by the hand of Rosstat employees.

But is it possible to have in our country is truly objective and dispassionate on? Which, despite the political situation, to cut a plain truth, whatever it was? And who then his subordinate, if already re��olenych us entities (the government, state Duma and the presidential Administration) will be willing “not to spoil the mood of “to”? Wishful thinking, to report that things went smoothly?

– The fat that Rosstat mending the Federal Ministry of economic development, in any frame does not fit.- says well-known economist, Professor Igor Nikolaev.- After all, economic is responsible for the economic development of the country, and him as if “the state” wants to show the pace brisk figure.

the statistics Authorities, of course, you need to reassign. For example, the government of the Russian Federation. Or to create an independent structure of the type of our accounting chamber. In the world many examples of such decentralization. In the US, for example – the Federal statistical system that gives the most objective information about all aspects of life.