When the number of ill COVID-19 residents and guests of the capital will reach 60%, Moscow will return to a normal life, said “the Russian newspaper” the chief expert of the Moscow Department of health Alexei Mazus.

According to him, only with scientific justification, the Moscow authorities can begin the lifting of the measures.

Mazus said that coronavirus infection by three or more times more contagious than than ordinary flu, so the statistics for survivors is especially important. He noted that out of the epidemic, about 60 percent of the population have become immune to the infection. In this case, those who have developed immunity, according to the expert, can get to work, and the city authorities – to the lifting of quarantine measures.

“But it is important to not just make guesses and predictions about the situation in the capital, and to have a firm scientific basis”, – said Mazus.

Only if the abovementioned conditions, he said, Moscow will “return to more or less normal rhythm with minimal losses”.

Earlier, as reported “the Rambler”, the American scientists said that collective immunity against coronavirus infection, with high probability fails to form in 2020. According to studies currently, the proportion of Earth’s inhabitants does not exceed 2-4% when the necessary 70%.