People’s artist of Russia Yevgeny Petrosyan spoke about his archive of collected jokes that he collected from the age of 10. The comedian said that calls his collection “notebook of youth.”


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Now, however, his notebooks are “arrested” and they “claim” his ex-wife Elena Stepanenko.

With 10 years, I’ve collected all the funny and recorded from selected Newspapers and magazines in numerous notebooks. Cut out newspaper cartoons. Many of the jokes that I found were useful for me in the future. And in performances I stood 12 years in various houses of culture, — said Yevgeny Petrosyan on his page in Instagram.

The artist explained that the previous wife, unlike Elena Stepanenko, was not interested in his notebooks.

Even before the quarantine, I managed arrested from my archive to pull out a few of these notebooks of his youth. My three previous wives did not consider my personal things, but the fourth, apparently, and claims for it, — said Yevgeny Petrosyan.

Fans noted the cunning ex-wife of comedian. And some are confused about what the wife was on the account of the fourth.

Fourth, in the sense of the present? Or Elena Stepanenko? Future or something else? asked fans of the comedian in the comments.

Earlier wrote that the young wife of Yevgeny Petrosyan Tatiana Brukhanova try on a bright image, and laid siege to the haters. In response to criticism, she referred to the models in fashion magazines, however, members noted that the character Tatyana Brownboy differs from the model.