Scientists of the Novosibirsk Institute of automation and Electrometry Siberian branch of RAS proposed to use the device, analyzing the organic compounds of the human respiratory, for the mass diagnosis of coronavirus.

As reported TASS Executive Secretary of the working group under RAS to overcome new coronavirus infection Olga Dorokhova, at the last meeting of the interdepartmental working group, Siberian branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, coronavirus infection has been considered a promising method of mass diagnosis, allowing to test a large number of people using domestic gas detection.

According to her, in the Institute of automation and Electrometry SB RAS jointly with an industrial partner – the company “Syntopicon” – created by the domestic gas analyser, allowing to overcome the existing technological barrier for the transition methodology in mass use.

It is noted that the gas analyzer has a compact form and have made today on the territory of Novosibirsk region in Akademgorodok and operated in 12 countries. Thus, the application of mass diagnosis in areas with large concentrations of people: airports, railway stations, subway, shops, pharmacies.

Dorokhov said that the primary diagnosis in this method is a neural network that must be trained to diagnose coronavirus infection. In this regard, the head of the working group Mikhail Governor contacted the mayor’s office to identify appropriate biomarkers.

Earlier it was reported that in Moscow will conduct random testing of residents on herd immunity to the new coronavirus, participants will choose randomly.