Participant of the show “Ural dumplings” Vyacheslav Myasnikov during the isolation wrote the song about how the Russians are wearing masks during a pandemic coronavirus. He noted that the ingenuity of the Russian people knows no bounds.

In Instagram the Ural artist has reminded that in Russia on a par with balalaika, cvasm and knitted rugs invented the “reusable-disposable mask”. “The brilliant thing from Russia /we Invented during a pandemic. Reusable, disposable face mask to protect just the tale — on-a-rope blue colour options — copy the entire quarantine” — sings butchers.

The artist says that many drivers keep the mask in the glove compartment of the car, some wear it on the chin, and put on as needed. “She’s a little pocket polleit And germ from it will run away./ Now you can not worry./ Again this mask to wear”, — noted artist. The song it ends up being all waiting for his namesake, the doctor Alexander Myasnikov to announce the end of the epidemic of the coronavirus. “But tell us Dr. Myasnikov,/ the people to normal life ready, His mask carefully we turn/ to a new pandemic will be fine,” suggests the artist.

Earlier, the chief specialist anesthesiologist-resuscitator of the Ministry of health of Russia, Professor Igor Molchanov said that a formal mask-wearing Russians, including on the chin, can lead to massive violations of sanitary-epidemiological regime and the emergence of a new wave of the epidemic. The doctor said that the cities are too big density of the population, large migration flows, and “unreasonable” wearing masks is dangerous.