The former head of the world Union of doctors WMA Leonid Eidelman warned of the danger of a new wave of coronavirus . His words leads RIA Novosti.

According to experts, a new wave of infections is expected in November-December, and it can be complicated by seasonal outbreak of SARS. “It will be difficult to distinguish patients who cough, sneeze, from those who have COVID-19. This is a big problem,” he explained.

Adelman stressed that there is now a spread of the second wave of the coronavirus worldwide, which was predicted in the spring. “If we would not extrapolate the data, which were obtained in some studies, including in new York, and in other countries, the number actually infected exceeds the number of detected”, — says the expert.

The total number of infected in the world exceeds 11 million. For the past day recorded more than 207 thousand cases COVID-19. For all the time of the pandemic died 528 953 infected, more than 6 million people have recovered.