Tatiana Bulanova few months ago, I was in the hospital because of heart problems; she complained and numbness of hands.

As it turned out, went to doctors for help Tatiana just in time – it turned out that she had a potential stroke condition. And before the singer has already suffered a minor heart attack

Doctors have been fast enough to put the 51-year-old star to his feet and now Tatiana is feeling well.

“all right Now, then I did a routine MRI and it showed that there was a minor stroke a few years ago”, – quotes its words of RIA Novosti.

Friends Bulanova think that the fact that she worked too much and paid little attention to their own health.

The fact that she has to keep not only itself, but also to help the children.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, now Bulanov says that he fully restored.

In conversation with the press, she noted that got better very quickly, although it was not engaged in physical therapy.