To flooding of the site of the Warsaw highway in Moscow as a result of the storm, which took place on 20 June, resulted in “the bath effect”. About Forbes said the representative of the Mosvodostok.

“If the bath water gain, it will also be slower to leave,” the organization said.

It was explained that the place where the formed water fell so much rain that the drainage network was overloaded.

However, the Mosvodostok emphasized that the water drainage system in the area of the Warsaw highway was OK — there showed no defects of the tubing or blockages, which previously said the Deputy mayor of Moscow Pyotr Biryukov. At the same time, in some locations, where was also observed the flooding, actually recorded the blockage due to branches in dazdarian lattices.

On 20 June, a few hours in Moscow collapsed to 70 percent of monthly norm of precipitation. The incident flooded streets caught on video. So, on the Warsaw highway was completely flooded underpass, also at this track was a traffic jam due to flooded roadway.