During a trip to Astrakhan Anastasia decided to visit the temple on the site of the Kremlin.

She was very happy with the fact that at that time was a service.

“I Visited the temple in the Kremlin in Astrakhan, and successfully caught in the moment, when was the Service. So great that now the churches are open and pray not only at home…” she said in microblogging.

Photography at the Church door, however, followers confused.

For starters, they were angered by the inappropriate and strange outfit Anastasia.

Ballerina came back in a revealing sundress with laces and a fur Cape (in thirty-degree heat).

Well, the words of the Queen of the splits that she was glad to pray not only at home, caused only laughter.

“As you pray at home? Well, well…”, “Sir, perhaps you will bless the splits”, “the Church was more modest dress, it’s not a pavilion NTV, why people annoying and making you just a show-off,” “And it is necessary to pray only in furs, “Nastya, what you have in mind? You are from which universe?”.

As previously reported, “the Rambler”, the ballet dancer Anastasia Volochkova said that she was tested for coronavirus infection.

How to write star in his Instagram, the result was a negative-positive — negative COVID-19, but positive for “decency, honesty and devotion.”

Publish from Anastasia (@volochkova_art) 20 Jun 2020 3:05 PDT