Middelkerke –

It was Saturday morning a fire broke out in a boiler room in the back of a home in the Gitsbergstraat in Gits (Hooglede). An alert neighbor was a little after 7 am, bright smoke, be determined. When they are also some of the flames from the roof of a neighbouring building saw it coming, called them to quickly find the residents, while her husband, the fire brigade is alarmed.

in the Meantime, some family members are notified and rushed to the spot to get a bluspoging to be taken. The firemen, dressed with surgical masks, came numerous on-the-spot and, ultimately, not a lot of effort to put out the fire. The boiler room at the back of the house, it became obvious that he is completely destroyed. It is not known how the fire originated. Probably was a faulty central heating boiler to be the cause.

as for The locals, a woman and her son, were not injured thanks to the quick response of a neighbor. The intervention of the fire brigade, attracted a lot of curious people in the street, and the traffic had to, at the bluswerkzaamheden be re-routed. This created no significant traffic delays.

Photos: mrr, Photo: mrr