Beveren-Waas –

In the south Panisstraat in Beveren (belgium), it was a Saturday, shortly after noon, an armed robbery occurred on the Proxy Delhaize. At that time, there have been a few dozens of clients and employees present in the store.

The assailant rushed the crowd, at around 12.40 pm, the store. Disguised with a ski mask and armed with a large knife, and threatened that he is a cashier that he has a sum of money for meegraaien out the cash for a put in the direction of the cross-roads ‘Vijfstraten’.

The police were quickly on the spot, but the inspection in the area resulted in nothing more. Some of the customers and the cashier were in a state of shock. An ambulance was also on-site, but no one was injured or in need of care. How much of the loot is not known.

Photo: bfs