One of the world’s richest people bill gates stated that the renewed increase in the number of cases of infection with coronavirus new type in the United States is not associated with the increase in the number of tests conducted.

Earlier, us President, Donald trump declared that the highest number of infected people in the country can only be explained by the large number of tests conducted.

“No, that’s wrong. Undoubtedly, conducting a greater number of tests, you find more cases of infection. But the growth in the number of cases in the US will continue, even if we leave out increased testing,” says gates. He declared it on air of TV channel CNN.

however, he warned that the fall of the indicators of the infection will again be very high if the American authorities “will not start to treat this issue more seriously than now.”

Earlier, British research Institute of Pirbright was in the field of attention of conspiracy theorists accusing bill gates that it was he who arranged the pandemic coronavirus to gain huge profits from the sale of the vaccine.

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