because of the pandemic, COVID-19 family of great Britain were unable to quickly sell your house and decided to play it in the lottery. The prize also includes Volvo XC90 Hybrid for 42 thousand pounds (3.6 million), writes The Sun.

Participants can buy as many tickets of the total circulation of 400 thousand, as long as you want. Tickets cost one pound sterling (86 rubles). As told by the owner of the real estate of Dale Tate (Dale Tate), the family plans to move to Australia at the end of the year.

giving away the house was built two years ago and is estimated at 280 thousand pounds (24.1 million rubles). It is located in Ossett, in the County of West Yorkshire. The house features a garden with an area of seven square meters. There is a garage. Inside the house there are four spacious bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen with led lights, creating the effect of “floating furniture”.

In early may to play house in a raffle decided the Briton Daniel Tonefor, as sales fell. He also promised that if the tickets are bought, he will donate the money to doctors a charity that helps young people in difficult situations.