a Strange story happened with the revelations musician Stas Barackula that he was in the car with Michael Ephraim in the time of the accident. The media gave quite a detailed story about what happened. We phoned Baracoa – now he claims he just met with Ephraim at the bar and drank with him that day.

– Misha and drunkards — he’s a drunk and I said we Baretsky. That day we actually met in a bar, drinking. I was drunk as a pig, somewhere went to sleep. And he evening got into the car.

the Day before the accident, we went with him to the jeep for, then drank, but tonight he was alone. I’m somewhere asleep. Exactly where — I do not remember.

Misha and close friends, he likes to tell jokes, I’m listening. Met a long time ago, at a concert of the group “Leningrad”.

I am no longer a musician, doing funeral business. Now the press is calling, provoke. Well judge for yourselves — if I was with him in the car, I would already have questioned. And police with no one contacted me, commented Baretsky.

the Situation is extremely clear – if it’s a HYIP, you will agree, of the lowest class.

meanwhile, attorney Michael Ephraim told us that the published words Beleckogo that he rode in the car with the actor at the time of the accident are untrue.