a remarkable coincidence: it was enough to get the satirical movie with a very popular on YouTube, “Chairman of the Executive Committee by Nalivkin”, “expose” corrupt police, as Chairman of the player-the actor planted. The police said that these events are not connected.

the Project “Chairman of the Executive Committee by Nalivkin” was born in Ussuriysk in the spring of last year. And very quickly became popular among the people all over the country — some of the videos have received millions of views. It’s no wonder — they are the authors took a really existing problem, and then in the genre of hard satire showed how it solves people’s official Nalivkin. Solves just one call or personal presence. For example, a collapsed bridge Nalivkin offered to prop up a rusty bus, the problem of stench from sewage treatment plants decided it strapped to the post air freshener dispenser.

it’s Funny that Nalivkin liked at the same time and to state television and opposition.

In February, the Federal air phenomenon of the satirical commercials with him have devoted as much as 5 minutes. Told how supposedly good castigates regional authorities and the common people. Even actor Yuri Stoyanov in this broadcast spoke, praising great performance.

In may, Pro nalivkina told on the channel Alexei Navalny, joking that there are in Russia officials, which he is ready to praise.

And then, the creative team released a video, which exposes Nalivkin, “a senior employee of internal Affairs bodies of Lieutenant Colonel Oleksiy andriychenko”, which when searched, “found hundreds of pounds of money” because he was “involved in illicit trafficking of wild biological resources in the Ussuri region”. Wild bioresources — basket with mushrooms — was in the frame.

Caressed and state propaganda and the opposition satirists seem to hit a sore spot. A week ago, the Office of internal Affairs for the Primorsky Krai issued a statement worthy of at least a partial citation. Information, they say, is not true, “employee Alexey Andreichenko with the rank of Colonel in OMVD Russia in the city of Ussuriysk the service is not passed and not passed.” And the Director of the video “expressed clear disrespect for public authorities, thus discrediting the employees of internal Affairs bodies”. How discredited, I personally can not understand.

By this logic, it is necessary to put the whole team of “Our Rashi”, and personally, Svetlakov, apparently, to burn at the stake. What you need to do with Maxim Galkin that mimics as much as Putin even scary to imagine…

But the most interesting thing in the message was this: “now the police establishes the identity of the author and the heroes of the movie”. This is despite the fact that it is shown back in February on TV the plot was made by the author of the rollers — andray scraps. Yeah, it’s not called the name of the actor playing Nalivkin, but claimed that it knows almost all Ussuriysk. People in the shot approached, greeted, and shared problems.

the big secret was not that nalivkina plays an Amateur actor, local resident Andrei Neretin. A simple man, who was found in General randomly type like. He is at the moment looking for a job as a loader and was ready to earn extra money on anything. Now is shooting about 1500 rubles.

So that “ID” for the police problem, apparently, was not. So the other day it became known that Neretina jailed for disorderly conduct 5 days. Allegedly he was arrested for swearing and being drunk in a public place.

“This incident has no relation to the scandalous video,” assured the police. Oh, I would like to Stanislavsky.