the actress Galina Dashevskaya all started with trains. In 1964 she made her debut in the film “Train of mercy” Iskander Hamraev, based on the novel by Vera Panova’s “Satellites”, dedicated to the great Patriotic war. He talked about the military-sanitary train, which was visited by the famous writer. Ended the life of Galina Dashevskaya absolutely incredible and tragically. She, like Anna Karenina, fell under the wheels of the train, maybe not intentionally, but by accident, by negligence and inattention.

So ended her life in suburban “Larks”. The actress was 79 years old.

She was born may 8, 1941. And in 1961 came to go to drama Studio to the famous Yuri Zavadsky. In the selection Committee he sat himself, and next – Maretskaya, Mordvinov, Birman, Plyatt. Galina took together with Margarita Terekhova, who became her classmate and another actress with a tragic fate. But then who could have imagined that life to them would be so unmerciful.

Among the teachers were Lyubov Orlova, too, worked in the Theater. City Council under the leadership of Yuri Zavadsky. It was his last set. Students were engaged in biomechanics, spinning all day at the theater, participated in performances, sometimes causing jealousy adult colleagues. In 1964, after graduating from the Studio, Galina Dashevskaya joined the troupe of the theatre, where he worked until his last days. She had a rich repertoire and luxury partners Ranevskaya, Plyatt.

Galina Samuilovna played in the now legendary performances of “Next – silence” directed by Anatoly Efros and “the curious savage” by Leonid Warpachowski and then in “Widow’s steamer” Henrietta Yanovskaya. Until the last days she was busy in three performances staged by Yuri Ariminum.

very radical In its production of “the Idiot” by Dostoevsky her lizabetha prokofievna Yepanchin exists in an unusual space, like a churchyard, where a portrait of Nastasya Filippovna as the grave, attached to the hanger. And in “the idiot” and “the voyage of 1933” based on the movie “Ship of fools” Stanley Kramer – she’s a lady there with a dog Frau Hutten, and “Baden Baden” based on the novel by Turgenev “Smoke”, where she plays Kapitolina Markovna, she was surprised by his energy. Old and was not keeping until the end of days be the honor.

In the movie she starred not so much. A total of 12 paintings with such a phenomenal appearance. No wonder it was called the Russian Simone Signoret. Enough to see pictures. Played mostly minor roles. Why? It’s hard to say. Perhaps fate coincidence, as often happens in the actor’s life.

She starred in from Marlena hutsieva “July rain”. By coincidence, two months ago, April 17, did not become a singer the main role in this movie Evgenia Orlovoj. She did not live to see his 80th birthday, which would have celebrated June 19. Gone are the days of the quarantine, while in Israel, where for a long time was treated and was undergoing chemotherapy. There she was buried and the relatives who were in Moscow, unable to leave it. And Uralov, and Dashevskaya, like other beautiful Actresses who starred in “July rain”, even in small roles, will remain for later generations, the embodiment of the 1960s with their freedom and sense of something new. This painting influenced many Directors and even determined their future path.

Takes an amazing generation for whom the theatre and the cinema were system concepts.

“White sun of the desert” by Vladimir Motyl, who at the time were assigned the lowest category, and no one could have predicted that it will be immortal work, Galina Dashevskaya played one of the wives of Abdullah Jamil. The woman of the East, which was tried together with the whole harem during the civil war to free the red army soldier Fyodor Sukhov. The names of these Actresses, whose faces are often closed with a veil, and the audience doesn’t remember, but they have become part of people’s life, a real folklore. And scriptwriter Valentin Yezhov had to convince kinoyalta that “harem is not a mess.”

Galina Dashevskaya was a happy, hospitable family. Her husband is a famous Soviet football player, champion of the USSR, honored coach of Russia Nikolay Manolin.

her Young colleague at the Theater.City Council Julia Hlynina, played in the film “Lev Yashin” the wife of legendary goalkeeper Valentina, told “MK”, as Valentina Timofeevna Yashin went to the theatre to visit his girlfriend Galina Dashevskaya: “She came to the show, and they said, smoked heavy cigarettes. I’m attracted to women who at this age are quite rock-n-roll lifestyle. Behind every legendary man stands a strong woman”. Valentina Yashina and her friend Galina Dashevskaya went with their famous husbands, all this complicated way and may be made such as we know them.