The warehouse market is discussed a new deal with the banks. “VTB Capital asset Management” is negotiating to buy part of the space in logoparks PNK Group in Novosibirsk and in the South suburbs. Previously, the area in these complexes for sale to private investors via a closed-end Fund purchased the “Sberbank”asset Management.”VTB Capital asset Management” is in talks to purchase about 50 thousand in sq. m of warehouse premises in the complex “Park PNK Tolmachevo” in Novosibirsk. This was told by three of the interlocutor “b” in the real estate market. Structure of the Bank is also considering deals with the complex “PNK Park Valishchevo” in the South suburbs, they add. Total for two objects “VTB Capital asset Management” can purchase about 100 thousand sq m. the parties to the negotiations, as well as their consulting company Knight Frank declined to comment.”Park PNK Tolmachevo” is located 13 km from Novosibirsk in the area of Adelaide airport. According to the information on the website of the developer, the total area of Logopark reaches 380 thousand square meters, among the key tenants called retailers “Auchan”, “Lenta”, Fix Price and others. Cushman & Wakefield estimate the cost of space in the “Park PNK Tolmachevo” 35-40 thousand rubles. per 1 sq. m. This coincides with the data of one of the interlocutors “b”: according to him, the structure of the VTB can spend 50-60 thousand square meters of warehouses 2-2,5 billion rubles In 2016 square “Park PNK Tolmachevo” already bought “Sberbank asset Management”: the company then acquired about 80 thousand square meters, over 2.5 billion rubles Then, these warehouses were part of a closed mutual investment Fund (ZPIF) “Rental property”, shares of which are offered to private investors. Partner of Colliers International Stanislav Bibik not surprised that the warehouse in Novosibirsk of interest to investors: this is one of the largest Russian cities in population, and the size of the business and one of the strategic locations, including for foreign companies.Complex in Valishchevo also demand: square bought the structures of Sberbank, as well as Accent Capital Alexander Samonov. The cost of rent in both complexes PNK was estimated to be approximately on the same level: 3.7 thousand RUB for 1 sq. m a year in Tolmachevo and 3.9–4 thousand rbl. for 1 sq. m in Valishchevo.The PNK in July 2020 have announced the launch of an investment Fund industrial real estate, which intends to invest assets worth more than 10 billion rubles to Private investors is invited to receive revenues from lease payments from the warehouses, with the minimum investment capped at the level of 3 thousand. In General, inventory the assets as a tool for shaping closed-end funds more attractive than, for example, shopping malls or business centers because it can provide a long-term lease stream and high returns, recalls partner at Cushman & Wakefield Alan ��aloev.Commercial Director of the warehouse property of the group “Rusich” Nicholas Devyatilov believes that the creation of a private mutual Fund soon may be interested in more commercial real estate developers, as this is another way for them to exit projects. Moreover, because of reducing the key rate is the profitability of Bank deposits of physical persons is falling, and therefore the demand for shares will rise, says Mr. Devyatov. But he warns that the self-developer to bring such a product and quickly put it into the market is difficult, therefore, to enter the mutual Fund preferably with a financial partner, which has its own infrastructure to work “retail” and experience in implementing similar products. PNK, in turn, can sell the shares, given the low entry threshold, suggests Mr. Devyatilov.Elizaveta Makarova