Moscow region Governor Andrei Vorobyov have asked President Vladimir Putin to extend the program of preferential mortgage. The transcript of the dialogue Mr. Vorobiev Mr Putin and published on the website of the Kremlin.”We ask working with the government to the measure which you have proposed, at a discounted mortgage, continued it is now until November,— said Mr. Vorobyov.— If they do, then it would, of course, victory.” According to him, 80% of apartments sold in the suburbs, bought at a reduced rate mortgage. The Governor estimated monthly payments on the discount mortgage range from 40 thousand to 48 thousand rubles., which is 6-10 thousand less than under standard conditions.Mr Putin has not responded to the proposal of Mr. Vorobyov. The President interrupted the Governor, when he reported about infrastructure projects, and asked him to call term solution to the problem of defrauded investors. “I think in the next three years, of course, if we will continue to work with the “HOUSE of Russia””,— said Mr. Vorobyov. Vladimir Putin said that he would remember what was said. Earlier during the meeting, Mr. Vorobiev has estimated that in the region there are about 24 thousand defrauded investors. The risk of growth, said the Governor. He linked it with the law on joint construction and use provisions special and escrow accounts.The program of preferential mortgage is one of the measures to support the market during the spread of the coronavirus. Russian President Vladimir Putin has launched a program of preferential mortgage in April. By its terms until November 2020 loans for housing in new buildings are issued at 6.5%. The limit for the Moscow region, Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region was initially set at 8 million rubles, in June it was increased to RUB 12 million Initial payment on the mortgage has also been reduced from 20% to 15%.About possible changes to the mortgage market at the end of the grace program in the publication “Kommersant FM” “mortgage runs the risk of “bubble””.