Car prices will continue to rise, despite declining demand. The average cost of a new car for the first half amounted to 1.6 million rubles — this is almost 9% higher than last year, according to analysts of the Agency “AUTOSTAT”. The cost of foreign brands increased by more than 9%, and Russia — only 6%. Will the price increase?The rise in price of cars will lead to the weakening of the ruble, said the chief editor of the portal “Auto” Denis Smolyanov: “much will depend on the exchange rate of the ruble to the dollar, to the Euro. The last days the ruble again became ill suddenly. Do not rule out that the trend “is 9% in six months” will continue. We are in a global market. Many even localized products to the automotive industry in some way connected with General prices. The Euro is growing, it will go upwards and all other goods, including those made here.”According to the Association of European businesses in the first half of the year were sold in Russia more than 600 thousand new cars. This is approximately 20% lower than last year. The decrease in sales of premium vehicles accounted for 18% of dealers sold about 60 thousand cars. Wait for auto recovery in the second half of the year is not necessary, said the analyst of “VTB Capital” Vladimir Bespalov. According to him, the best situation with the demand in the premium segment: “In the second half, most likely, the decline will continue. This is primarily due to the fact that continue to decrease incomes. And, of course, in times of economic uncertainty people don’t tend to buy durable goods, which include cars. On the other hand, compared with the first half of the year, some support to the market should have a program of state assistance to industry. Plus, formed a pent-up demand. Overall, we’ll be done in the area of minus 20%. At the same time in conditions when the market is falling, still falling in the premium segment occurs more slowly. Sometimes even in the conditions of devaluation of rouble can appear interesting opportunity to buy premium cars.”According to the Agency “AUTOSTAT”, in the first half for the purchase of new cars Russians spent almost 1 trillion rubles — is 15% less than in the same period last year. Most car owners buy cars “AVTOVAZ”. But in terms of money most spent on the purchase of Toyota cars.Sergey Protsenko