Doctors are preparing to initiate the first phase of clinical trials of stem cells application in patients with COVID-19. We are talking about patients who have developed acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

As told associate Professor of the Department of surgical Sciences, Academic hospital, Uppsala University Sergey Rodin, where they will take the test their goal — safety inspection techniques and assessment of side effects.

If the method will be safe, the next phase of research will be proof of the effectiveness of its application. To do this, one group of patients will be injected into the blood stem cells, and the second, control, normal saline solution. Both groups will consist of a few dozen patients.

the New technique has already saved the lives of two patients with ARDS resulting from complications of the flu virus. They both lost the ability to breathe independently, the probability of death exceeded 95%. After the introduction of stem cells from the bone marrow of a healthy donor patients recovered.

worldwide, the number of infected coronavirus infection, according to the world health organization (who) has exceeded 5.2 million people, more than 337 thousand died.

In Russia, according to may 25, the number of confirmed cases of infection was more 353,4 thousand., died from COVID-19 3633 person.