Anna Popova: Immunity to coronavirus have only 3% of Russians

learning a new illness raises many questions to which medical science and practice is not the answer either. According to Popova, in 20-25% of people infected with coronavirus show no clinical signs of the disease, and experts don’t know is if such asymptomatic carriers of the immune system or not.

Photo: Sergey Kuksin/RG Popov: the timing of the completion of a pandemic of as yet unknown coronavirus

CPS also wants to know how many people in Russia have already received immunity to coronavirus. The study used the test-system for detection of antibodies manufactured by Novosibirsk scientific center “Vector”.

Meanwhile, the Department of health of Moscow has recognized the low accuracy of existing tests COVID-19. The head of the Department Alexei Khripun said that in Moscow there is a significant incidence of false-negative test results for coronavirus infection. In this connection, “there are high risks of developing severe forms of the diseases,” he said, adding that the only reliable confirmation of the disease remains computed tomography of the lungs.