Yelena Isinbayeva entered the athletes Commission vfla

Together with Isinbayeva included world champion in relay race 4×400 m Tatyana chebykina, Timofey Chaly, Andrew Menzhulin, Oleg Grigoriev, Andrei Safronov, Maria from England, Jennifer Kinimaka and mark Burdin.

First for his team colleagues on the website of the Federation voted athletes of the national team, and on Thursday presented the list was finalized by the Presidium of wfla with absentee voting. In the coming days the Commission will propose for the approval of the Chairman, his Deputy and Secretary.

Laecken, Shubenkov and Sidorova leave the athletes Commission vfla

Yelena Isinbayeva, who also consists of the athletes ‘ Commission of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), said that the experience of it is very useful.

– I would like to thank all who supported my candidacy for the vote of confidence. Become part of the athletes ‘ Commission vfla is a big responsibility for me – quoted Isinbayeva, the press service of the club. – I hope for a smooth and fruitful work of all members of the Commission and active engagement with those whose interests we represent – our athletes. Because one is a warrior, and together we are the power. I am convinced that the voice of sportsmen must be heard, they should take an active part in the work of the Commission itself and in the decision-making process. We can act so that the result spoke for itself.

One of the main tasks for our athletics, the restoration of the membership of the club in the international organization of World Athletics. At least two athletes will be delegated to the relevant Commission, which will also include representatives of the Russian anti-doping Agency, the Olympic Committee of Russia and the Ministry of sports of the Russian Federation. It was one of the recommendations of the World Athletics, which resumed the process of granting neutral status to our athletes and was discharged wfla a fine of $ 5 million for violations committed by the previous management in the so-called “deLe Lysenko.”

Photo: Alexander vilf/RIA Novosti the Ministry of sports of the Russian Federation has restored the state accreditation wfla

In my opinion, the light at the end of the tunnel there is, – said Isinbayeva. – I’m sure WPLA with the support of all stakeholders and in close cooperation with our Commission would achieve a positive outcome in this matter.

Recall that the world Champions Maria Laecken, Sergey Shubenkov and Anzhelika Sidorova, who flew in Monaco at the head of World Athletics and who did everything in their power to Sebastian CoE heard their position, refused to participate in the elections. The reason was the adoption of new regulations on the Commission without any consultation with the athletes. All-star trio, which criticized the previous administration, have not found a common language with the new President Yevgeny Yurchenko. However, our Champions have promised to continue to defend the rights of Russian athletes.


World Athletics named a new date of summer world Cup. The tournament will be held from 15 to 24 July 2022.

Initially, the world Cup, which is held every two years, was to be held in August 2021 in American Eugene. However, due to the transfer of the Olympic games in Tokyo 2020 for 2021, “Queen of sports” also had to move the calendar.

the all-Russian athletics Federation was fined $ 10 million

– World Athletics approved the new date after extensive discussions with the organizers of two other major tournaments to be held in July – August 2022 – of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham and the European championship on summer sports in Munich – said in a press release. – Athletes can participate in all three competitions.