Again the third of September

Musician Sergey Shnurov in obscene poem ridiculed the state Duma’s decision to postpone the date of the end of the Second world war on 3 September. His work the artist has published in Instagram.

Cords ironically declared that by adopting a new date for the life of Russians will change for the better despite the crisis and the pandemic of coronavirus.

vulgar in the middle of a war, the Duma on the wave. But now we are all calm, Life will improve quite.

The artist wanted to look at the author of the legislative initiative.

**** [That] there us a crisis, a virus. Who came up at this moment So Important the world needs to move a document?

the Musician also recalled that on 3 September, a famous song of Michael shufutinski.

one smart ***** [hell], as a vegetable, to put It mildly. Anybody all of us to help, Again the third of September.

On 14 April the state Duma approved a new date for the end of the Second world war 3 September. Earlier this day was 2 September.