it seems the fact that the enrolment campaign of the current year will be opened in the universities until August and likely September. Then come out and start the 2020-2021 academic year, the University will not on 1 September, and in October, if not November. The consequences of this step for the higher education system and how universities will get out of this situation, to minimize the inevitable losses, along with experts understand the “MK”.

Talk about the fact that the campaign will start the exam once already migrated to 8 June, may be postponed again, was a long time ago. The final decision on this matter to the Ministry of education promise to announce the only may 12. However, without waiting for this deadline, the Minister of health Murashko has said that, based on the epidemiological situation, to conduct the exam in June, does not.

to Do this, according to the calculations Murashko, can not be before August or even September. And with this position of the Ministry of health the education system will have to be considered. But how to be in this situation, the universities? What will become of the school year, the beginning of which extended into the misty distance full of uncertainty? Is it possible to implement the curricula in sivussa eyes terms of training? The experts in this regard, there are two main directions of development of events.

If the epidemiological situation over the summer as a whole is normalized, the beginning of the academic year when you transfer the exam go astray only to freshmen. All others will be able to begin to learn, as expected, 1 Sep. And the 1st course will be to catch up in the process of learning, the Director of the Institute of education Higher school of Economics Irina Abankina:

– If all courses will be able to start school on 1 September and only 1st due to the transfer of the exam will come later, it’s solved – even if it lost quite a lot of study time. Do universities have to do this, some margin of safety: for example, intensification of learning through the use of remote sensing technology in combination with full-time training. To solve the problem due to the partial failure of the clock that is normally used for first-year students as a trial. You can even restructure the curriculum 1 courses due to their partial migration to other years of study. In short, reserves are available.

somewhere, although this is not very convenient for teachers, will really start the school year russomanno — for all students September 1 and for first-year students according to their readiness. Universities are richer, with more powerful material base you leg it into online classes. And here, for example, at the University of “synergy” will go its own way:

– If the academic year for students will not begin on 1 September for their later enrollment, and most likely, their training will be extended for the same period – said the “MK” Vice-rector for educational��heating activities Elena Verkhovskaya.- Well, our students are 2, 3 and subsequent courses will begin training September 1, unless in accordance with the situation of the pandemic coronavirus in Russia will not be any relevant instructions of the Ministry of science and higher education to change the dates of the beginning of the school year. After receiving official documents about the timing of the exam at the school, we will plan the timing of enrollment and commencement of training of first-year students.

But all this — namely, “if there is no modification of terms of the beginning of the school year”. Because then warns Abankina, there are real problems:

– Our distance learning is more or less suited as a short-term, temporary measure. But for a long time, considering the state of the infrastructure, such a study would require a major redesign of our entire system of higher education. The month of the transfer of the school year, she will stand still. But if the system is not able to start on October 1, she will face a serious challenge. In this sense, the postponement is a very alarming symptom indicating that while to cope with the spread of the virus we can’t. But let’s hope for the best.

MEANWHILE. may 8, Minister of education and science Valeriy Falkov signed the order, according to which summer exams and state exams at universities will be held this year in the remote mode.