In the village of Kuban “Windows” Victory spoke about the mother of the correspondent “the Russian newspaper”.

130 thousand residents of the province perished on the battlefields, 290 Kuban became heroes of the Soviet Union. And returning from the front also worked heroically in time of peace.

Now their portraits in an endless river sail on TV, on the newspaper’s website and social networks. Many Kuban turned the Windows of their apartments and houses in multi-colored paintings on the theme of the 75th anniversary of the great Victory. Actively participated and children, and then “the Windows of the Victory” I read poems of the war poets and talked about the heroism of their forefathers.

during the war this village was the hospital. Died of wounds soldiers who died during the liberation of the village, buried in a mass grave. Today on this place stands a monument. “This morning near this memorial are our stanitsa the “Window of Victory”, – says the head of the administration of the Kuban Cossack village Location of Lyudmila Mirgorod. – Every 15 minutes, will lay flowers. Be sure to honor the memory of Maria Ivanovna Anfinogentova with which we are more than half a century, celebrated the Victory Day”.

Maria I. Anfinagentov is my mother. She passed away seven years ago, but her house is still marked with a red asterisk, and countrymen continue to remember her with a kind word. When I went to the local school, we played “war games”. Wore the order of his parents-veterans and went on the attack. The game was attended by some boys and I “attack” was taken solely because of the mother’s awards.

Mom was a real hero. Went from the Volga to the Elbe. Almost two years spent on the front lines. Mom was headed by a platoon of nurses-porters. Told me that the first combat award – the medal “For courage” it was presented by Voroshilov, and the order of the red Star she received during the battle of Stalingrad.

after Returning from the front, raised his younger brother and sister, orphaned after the death of his parents. They both considered her their second mother. She lived a long life – 95 years. The last way to her accompanied almost all the inhabitants of the village.

these days it is again with them. Second-grader Eugene Kuksa with his grandmother decorated with symbols of Victory to the window in his house, and then photographed a portrait of a famous compatriot.

In the North Ossetia all-Russian action “Window of Victory” received an unusual addition: at the initiative of the residents of the Windows are decorated not only symbols of Victories but also the portraits of their grandfathers who fought at the front. It turned out a kind of “Immortal regiment”.

This unusual direction in South Ossetia stems from the fact that in the national culture of the Republic there has traditionally been a cult senior. They are especially respected and revered. And if someone of the ancestors participated in the war, made the feat or even just made a successful career, his photo neprene��but will hang in the house the place of honor.

In North Ossetia during the great Patriotic war went to the front of 89.9 thousand inhabitants. Of them died of 45.5 thousand. 79 the natives of the country received the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. That is, war, as well as throughout the country, has touched almost every family.

In Kabardino-Balkaria action “Window Win” is in full swing. In the regime of isolation to share their creativity is easiest through social networks.

In the secondary school №1 of the city of Nartkala, the action was attended by dozens of primary school students. Your decorations and congratulations to the veterans they placed on Instagram.

“Dear veterans, we congratulate you with the Victory Day and Express the gratitude for your deeds, for your patriotism, for your faith, for your strength, for your heroism. We want to wish you good health for many years and peaceful clear skies, because you know its price. Good and happiness to you, love, family and happiness. Hurrah!” – wrote student Ahmedkhan Jakulov. Joined the congratulations and inhabitants of other cities of the Republic.

Many children do not have to use the stencils and blanks from the official website of “the Year of memory and glory 2020”, and painted everything ourselves, by hand, although ready-made options are impressive. For decoration have chosen the main symbols of the great Victory – stars, St. George ribbon, images of famous memorials, Eternal flame. One of the new ideas to stick on Windows of white cranes. Each crane not returned from the war relative.

In the Stavropol region “Windows of Victory” opened tens of thousands of families. As well as in educational institutions, health care organizations, stores.

Students of the Stavropol regional art school have decorated the window with ornaments and paintings of the famous monuments of the great Patriotic war. “For example, is a Warrior-liberator, the famous Motherland. They are located on a red background, and around them – are known and understood symbols of peace. Some of them are the kids at home cut yourself,” said the Director of the College Alla Chemso.

they were joined in Stavropol schoolchildren. As well as schools in the region are now closed, organizers asked students to decorate the Windows of their homes.

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