on the Eve of the 75th anniversary of the Victory published several audience ratings. Your favorite movies about the great Patriotic war voted by thousands of people. Two of them were leading a painting by Leonid Bykov “go To fight some “old men”. Second place, Internet users gave the movie “…the dawns here are quiet” by Stanislav Rostotsky. In the third poll conducted exclusively for young people from 12-24 years, was the leader of “…the dawns here are quiet”, and 85 per cent of the votes belong to the girls, and in second place were the same Old men.

For many years among the best war movies mentioned “the cranes are Flying” by Mikhail Kalatozov, and very few now remember the “Young guard” Sergey Gerasimov, became an event in the life of the country.

We decided to remind about the interesting facts associated with the three military pictures: the record of almost all domestic rankings “go To fight some “old”, only in the history of Soviet and Russian cinema the film “the cranes are Flying”, awarded the “Golden palm” in Cannes, the almost forgotten “Young guard”, the creation of which in the postwar years was unique.

“go To fight some “old men”: Romeo had to escape from the shooting

Picture of Leonid Bykov for singing the squadron in 1974, looked around 44.3 million people. In the 1977th for the movie “go To fight some “old” and “Aty-Baty, were soldiers…” Leonid Bykov received the State prize of the Ukrainian SSR them. Of Taras Shevchenko.

And at first, Soviet officials, the painting was met with restraint. And had her lay on the “shelf”, if not for the intercession of veterans. The struggle with the movie began when Leonid Bykov only presented a scenario. He was considered unheroic. But the Director resisted, read it during his tour of the USSR to the audience. Support of participants of the great Patriotic war, in particular the chief of staff of military unit No. 55127 Colonel Lessova, wrote a letter to the Dovzhenko film Studio, decided the case in favor of Bykov.

the Success of the picture provided and the song “Smuglyanka”. In adolescence, the Bulls rode on the bandwagon of the supply trucks and one day saw returning from the front soldiers. They were singing “Darkie”, and this song gave him no peace many years, and then joined the film.

He Bulls wanted to become a pilot, but as they say, growth does not come out. Working on the film, he talked to members of the fighting and realized one important truth: “in the cruel crucible of war, merciless in its flame older experienced comrades sought, where possible, to preserve the young and inexperienced falcons. This was the highest wisdom — concern about the future, the age-old right and duty of the strong to protect, raise and educate — yourself the change,” this he directed his film “go To fight some “old men”, where played captain Titarenko, gaining inexperienced replacements.

Almost every role in this film has a story to tell. Bulls needed an actor, Uzbek, and he shared this with Rodion by Nahapetavan during their shared trip to Baku. Nahapetov recommended Rustam Sagdullaev, who starred in his “Lovers”. Had the actor torn between two pictures and cities: “My good man” was filmed in Tashkent, and “go To fight some “old men” in Ukraine. In the first needed long hair, so I come to the site to Bykov, Sagdullaev wore a helmet. Only when you have finished working in Tashkent, he became and was able to wear a cap. There is a scene where his Romeo in the helmet speaks with Masha pilot, although the sky is not rise. .

the 18-year-old Eugene Simonov, who played Mary, was a sophomore at the Shchukin theatre school, and the work of Bykov in the film became her debut. Rustam Sagdullaev told how breaking the rules, watched part of the footage. He entered the hall, where he was supposed to be only Bykov, horrified that near Simonova looked like a woman, returned to the hotel and started to pack. But suddenly in his room was raided by the Bulls and a “traitor,” Sergei Ivanov, who played the Grasshopper. He told the Director about the intentions of the other to go home. And the Bulls knew how to persuade. About it legends go. So “Romeo” back in the picture. Sergei Ivanov passed away 20 years ago after a heart attack. He was only 48 years old.

the bulls hardly managed to adopt the role of a mechanic Makaritch Alexei Smirnov, who at that time starred in such hits as “Operation “y” and other adventures Shurik”, “Wedding in Malinovka”, ten other paintings. He was a brilliant comedic actor, and then the war, the bureaucrats and resisted, despite the fact that the actor himself fought, was awarded the order. Only when the Bulls categorically stated that no Smirnov would not shoot, the case moved from the dead point.

Leonid Bykov was unable to obtain and very scarce colour film, shot on black-and-white, and was pleased with the result. But on may 9, 2009, when he was no longer alive (he died in 1979), the painting was restored, and gave it the color and the effect of Soviet films of 1973. The Director’s daughter Mariana said that thus violated copyright. She wanted to do the father’s will and not get paid for it, therefore, moral damages were estimated symbolically in one hryvnia. In may 2011 in Kiev was held the court recognized colorization illegal.

“Young guard” in Krasnodon boys attacked Morgunova

the Film was shot in 1946-1948 years. Director Sergei Gerasimov began to work with their students-third-year, first on the play when Alexander Fadeev still does��shaft of the last Chapter of his novel “the Young guard”. Until may 9, 1945, remained one year, and the crew went to the scene in Krasnodon, to begin preparations for shooting the two-part film.

the Role of Oleg Koshevoi was played by Vladimir Ivanov, who studied at GITIS, where he had come from the front. He fought in the anti-tank artillery, was wounded three times. Prior to his role auditioned many actors, but they are not satisfied with Fadeev and Gerasimov.

Ivanov vowed: almost nothing there, as people in the occupied city, to re-read all the books loved his character. He bought a flashlight at night out of a hostel of the Moscow GITIS on the street to get into character, because the guard acted at night. Before filming the scene of the oath Ivanov was so worried that appealed to Fadeev, and he advised me to go to Red square and Lenin’s mausoleum, as did he, when there was a deadlock in the work. On the same day, Ivanov visited the mausoleum, a long walk around the Kremlin, vowed to avenge the young father, who died at Moscow in winter 1941. In Krasnodon the actor lived the mother of Oleg Koshevogo. For four days before the filming of a scene of execution, he sat in a wet basement, stopped eating. Only drank water. When the snow shooting was postponed for two days, allowed himself two sugars. Teeth, reeled, blood oozing from the gums and from beneath the nails. The actor was barely standing on his feet.

the execution Scene was filmed near the mine pits N5, where he died young. Around the site are gathered Krasnodontsev. After seeing getting out of the truck of actors, brought on the “penalty” they started to cry that I had to cordon off the area. When Vladimir Ivanov was thrown in the pit, he hit his head, almost fainted, and he began to drop other actors. After the shooting, the administrator of the group suggested that the participants who were shaking and RUB eau de Cologne.

Filmed in crowd scenes Krasnodontsev, to take money for work refused. But lined up in front of the dining room, holding a potato and other food, brought for the crew – gave the last. Products bad it was, they received.

Inna Makarova (she died March 25, 2020), who played the Love Shevtsov, wrote in his diaries, as her teacher and the wife of Sergei Gerasimov, Tamara Makarova, (she played the mother of Oleg Koshevoi) took her before the trial in “national” on a six-month Perm. There’s aspiring actress made the blonde, but the next day I had to go back to the hairdresser to permanently fix the white hair. Had to go to the beautician Tamara Fedorovna to thin out eyebrows were too thick.

On the set of Inna Makarova and Sergei Bondarchuk, who starred in “Young GW��Hai” in the role of Andrew Valko, got married. While there was work on the film, and they lived mostly in the basement with no heat, much frequented by rats. There they found the premiere of “Young guard”.

the Role of traitor Stakhovich played Yevgeny Morgunov. Krasnodon boys attacked him, shouting: “kill the traitor!”, torn clothes, was hit with a block of wood on the head so that one ear was bleeding, and on his head grew a lump. The miners beat artists and teachers of the German language, played the Nazis, when they, live in the role, walked around the city in German uniforms.

the Finished painting Sergei Gerasimov took a night in the Kremlin, came back in the morning. After watching Stalin’s first series of observations were made regarding the scenes party underground, and already the footage flew into the basket. There were rumors that it was a failure. While he filmed the second series, many thought that the film end. How to write Inna Makarova, this is the first scar on the heart of Sergei Gerasimov. But after the film’s release he was given the title “national”.

“the cranes are Flying”: Batalov took was taken only because of Samoilova

This is the only Soviet and Russian film won the main prize at the Cannes film festival “Palme d’or”. In 1958 she won the competition with the film “origins of life” Ingmar Bergman, and “My uncle” by Jacques Tati. “The cranes are flying” in Cannes was presented by actress Tatiana Samoilov and cameraman Sergei Urusevsky (an artist by training, a disciple of the Patriarch of Soviet graphics of Vladimir Favorsky). Director Mikhail Kalatozov on the eve of the trip had a heart attack.

Tatiana Samoilova became the only Russian actress, which was also awarded in Cannes. She received an award as the most modest and charming actress of the festival. And in 1959 became the winner of the French award “Victory”, which is awarded on the results of a survey of the journals “Cinemonde”, “Film Francais” and the newspaper “Figaro”.

In the Western press had many reviews during the festival, and the Soviet Union appeared faceless message in a newspaper without the name of the Director. In film circles with the film, too, was difficult. One well-known Director, whose movie came out at the same time and something was like “the cranes are Flying,” called him noisy, knocking down, compared with a circus midget. The picture did not like Khrushchev, who accepted the heroine Samoilova as hooker did not wait for the groom from the front, married his cousin, who had reservations.

the Aspiring actress found assistant for a number of years in Theater school. Schukin. Script author Victor Rozovu it initially did not like, it seemed to him that the role of Veronica is more suitable for slightly more experienced Elenand Dobronravova. He later apologized to Samoilova. But Kalatozov rejected Dobronravov due to age. He needed a heroine younger. And it was a tragedy for the actress, who later tried again and in a film “Officers”, but approved of Alina Pokrovskaya. Two abortive work caused Elena Dobronravova injury. For the role of Veronica auditioned many Actresses, including Inna Vykhodtsev (in 1958 she made her debut in “the Quiet Don”) and Alevtina Konstantinova (theater actress, who later became the wife of actor Vladimir Korenev).

After the triumph at the Cannes film festival Samoilov was invited to a film Studio in the world, including Hollywood. But any request should have the official answer: currently the actress is busy in other films. May 4, 2014 Tatiana Samoilova died on the day of his 80th birthday.

Alexei Batalov was approved for the role of Boris at once. No other samples were not. Although he was not familiar with Michael Kalatozova. The Director years later, has repeatedly said that the role got him only because Samoilova: together they looked good. Given it is not so easy. Filming one scene, the actor hurt after falling face down on the branch. It could end sadly, if not for the skillful surgeon of pigs, carefully zasevshih nose and cheek. Scar left. The author of the play “Eternally alive”, reworked into the script of the film “the cranes are Flying” Victor Rozov as its Boris, in 1941, a volunteer went to the front and got in the militia Krasnopresnensky district. When he wrote the famous scene of wires, Boris, recalled how he himself went to the front on 10 July 1941. “Krasnopresnenskaya division of the national militia of lava floated on a dark night the streets of Moscow. The edges of the sidewalks were people, and I heard a female voice, blessed us in a way: “come Back alive!” This remark intact I gave the grandmother in the play “Forever living” writes pink in his autobiography. He was involved in a single battle, killing all his comrades. He was seriously wounded and bleeding, six days carried from the front to the hospital.