It was organized by the national research Institute of world economy and international relations name of Yevgeny Primakov (IMEMO ran), and “Interfax”.

Certainly, said the President of the IMEMO ran, academician Alexander Dynkin, there are countries that have suffered large reputational losses due to the pandemic. First of all, China and the United States. In the us there is still no global response to the challenges COVID-19.

Alexander Dynkin has outlined a kind of a plan for the future, as Russia to build relations with other countries. Interesting and very succinct formula brought academician for economic dialogue between Russia and China: never against each other and not always together.

it Seems that we have to differentiate cooperation with Asian partners. Except China and India Dynkin suggested to pay attention to the “new rising giant” – Indonesia. In terms of culture, education, these areas more promising for dialogue with the European countries. Security is with the United States.

the Most dangerous tendency, which emerged today, it’s “the slide towards a new bipolarity”, warned the head of the Center for international security of the IMEMO ran, academician Alexei Arbatov.

According to him, Moscow will not be one of those poles, as in the days of the USSR. Here is the position of Beijing and Washington. The academician thinks that the world should prevent the emergence of a “second bipolarity”. Recall, Yevgeny Primakov, which is named in honor of the international forum, was the founder of the idea of a multipolar world as the most promising and effective political system.

the session was a question from the “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”: “If, however, an era of the second bipolar what can Russia do to influence the situation in the world? We have the ability to avoid “sliding into a new bipolarity”?” This question was answered by the chief editor of the magazine “Russia in global politics” Fyodor Lukyanov: “the Formation of a sharp rivalry between China and the United States is not a whim. And it will continue. Maybe when you go trump, that will change. And Russia has a great opportunity not to participate in this. It is not our war”. Fyodor Lukyanov believes that the most sensible thing is to keep the “benevolent neutrality”.

In Polkowice world will a serious reduction in international student exchange. Is a global trend, said the rector of Moscow state Institute of international relations (University) of the MFA of Russia, RAS academician Anatoly Torkunov.

He referred to studies by American specialists. They predict a fall in the exchange by 25 percent. This is a major impact of the pandemic in the humanitarian sphere. And we need to monitor this situation to take timely measures.

In the Russian higher education is also expected ��of aremany, warned academician. And here too it is necessary to monitor the situation. Because of education, upbringing of the new elite depends on our common future.

There is a closer threat – social stratification. Talked about leading the online session, the special representative of Russian President for international cultural cooperation Mikhail Shvydkoi. We cannot allow offline education has become a privilege for the more affluent people. The same applies to medicine.

Not spared the meeting on the traditional issue of oil dependence. So get off of it, Russia and the weather?

Academician Dynkin said his favorite phrase: “Many countries dream to get her!” In General, the participants of the discussion agreed that in the foreseeable future a world without hydrocarbons will not do, they will play a crucial role. But, of course, it is necessary to maintain a reasonable energy balance.

And sudden abandonment of oil, too, is not going to happen. And the prices? The Chinese economy is not going to fall forever. As said Alexander Dynkin, she will recover first. And energy demand will go up.

Another challenge is consumer demand. It will recover gradually, warned Dynkin. Deposits are increasing around the world, people save for a rainy day. “And when the stores open queues for Italian handbags will not be”, so said the academician.