the funds will be paid 15 million children. Recall that Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to pay for each child aged 3 to 16 years for 10 thousand rubles.

one-time Payment and is not taxed. According to the FIU, the first payment of 10 thousand rubles from the parents who submitted the application to may 22, inclusive.

the Pension Fund are reminded that, in accordance with the government decree, which entered into force on 20 may, the application for lump sum payment shall be considered within five working days, the funds are transferred within three working days. These terms apply to all statements, including those submitted during the weekend. If the application is sent to the period from may 23 (Saturday) to 25 may (Monday), it is resolved before may 29, funds are transferred on 2 June.

most applications for payments submitted through the Portal of public services. The status of the application can be found in the electronic Cabinet. If the application is submitted personally to the Pension Fund, to clarify the stage of consideration by phone customer service, which was contacted by the applicant. If for any reason the person refused to pay, the notification comes within one working day after the application is considered. Can deny, for example, in the following cases: if parents live outside Russia or are citizens of another country.

because of the errors in the statements failures are rare, since in the course of their review the Pension Fund carries out individual work on reconciliation data. However, you need to carefully specify the details, especially Bank account details. A lump-sum payment is transferred only to the account of the parent on whose behalf the application is submitted. Ate all members of the FIU have discovered a serious error in the statement, it is necessary to wait decisions and to submit a new application with the correct information. To obtain a decision on the first application, and then file another have and in that case, if the family is not listed in the statement all children who are eligible.

If the application is filed by a guardian or if the kids have a foreign birth certificate, then an adult will need to personally contact the client service of the RPF.