“No correction 2020 is not enough. In the framework of the national project “Ecology,” for example, what adjustment can happen. There are conditions of realization of the project “Clean air” – obtaining integrated environmental permits. My colleagues and because of the pandemic go beyond the horizon of the third quarter of this year, with the necessary calculations, the preparation of these integrated environmental permits,” she said.

Without care it is impossible to ensure the implementation of the Federal project “Pure air”. But adjustments made in the year 2020, “increase in 21 to 23 years and 24 year we went out on the same indicators that are now included without adjustment in the national project,” said Victoria Abramchenko.

there will Also be an update on the funding of national projects in the framework of 2020. “In key areas, for example, the reclamation site of the Baikal pulp and paper mill, if not go into the 21st year since the beginning of this project, the funds required for reclamation will be provided to the 22 th, 23 th years. So You have to be sure that the measures laid down by national project, those areas, those indicators laid down in the 24th year, the full amount will be performed, including the national project “Ecology”,” – stressed the Vice Premier.