In St. Petersburg, painted over graffiti with Joseph Brodsky painted on the school building in front of his Museum-apartment “room and a Half” in the house of Muruzi on the 80th anniversary since the birth of the poet. After that, fans of Brodsky and management of the school started the confrontation, according to “Fontanka” on Monday, may 25.

it is Noted that the picture appeared on the school grounds and were removed by decree of the warden of the institution. In conversation with reporters, she explained that in school to do graffiti not referring to the control of the State administrative-technical inspection.

“No hang, no hang, no you can not write. We go under control! Contact GATI! Because this decision HATI that state agencies should not be any graffiti,” she explained.

the poet’s Admirers told the reporters that are trying to save the portrait, they removed the layer of paint applied over the graffiti. However, later the school again ordered him to paint. It is noted that “the struggle continues”.

on may 18 it was reported that vandals ruined a graffiti with the image of the actor Sergei Bodrov Jr. in St. Petersburg.