According to the decision of the Governor of this group of payers of the tax on professional income is also added to the list of recipients of material aid. This was stated by the Director of regional Fund of support of business Ilya sulla at the opening of business week.

To apply, you must register on the Foundation’s website as the person or individual entrepreneur, to enter the INN and Bank details. Then click “apply” – it will be generated automatically. Three working days is given to checking information with the tax authorities. If everything is correct, the money will be specified in the statement of account.

– All tax on professional income was in the region on may 1, 2020, can apply already today. Self-employed registered before April 1, are entitled to an additional payment in the same amount. Collectively they are owed 10 thousand rubles.Statements from them, we also are explained in the Fund.

in Total, according to UFNS, may 1, in the middle Urals was 16 003 self-employed.

the Theme for business week this year is chosen so that it is possible to learn about General trends in the economy and to deal with specific business. So, on 26 may, the speakers of the world and Federal level (Marshall goldsmith, Alan O Neil, Mikhail Khazin, Sergei Makshanov and others) answer questions, when the crisis is over and how to move from survival to growth. 27 may dedicate to those who suffered the most from restrictions: fitness centers, fashion industry, beauty sector, restaurants and others. May 28 – cooperation with the marketplace.

in addition, on may 26-28 for small businesses will host three webinars with the participation of Commissioner for human entrepreneurs Elena Artyukh. They all applied nature: how to apply for a deferral of taxes, to reduce the rent to comply with the requirements siperia in the enterprise.

Also in the framework of the business week will be a presentation of the accelerator for production, working more than two years.

to Join the regional business week can be any day on the website.