In the village of Ust-Omchug the city Tenkinsky district of the Magadan region will be installed a memorial sign “order of the Patriotic war,” forged by the local blacksmith.

As the press service of the regional government with reference to the Deputy head of the ten urban district Elena Rebrov, Oleg Zakutny he has designed and forged a memorable sign. He helped his volunteers, students of the club “Rusich”, students, teachers and supplementary education. He took an active part, and the Abbot of the local Church, father Nicholas, and financial assistance was provided by the gold mining company.

– the result of painstaking work was created collapsible six-meter design with electrical illumination, – said Elena Rebrova.

Originally it was planned that during the celebration of Victory Day a memorial sign will be installed on top of a hill. But due to restrictive anti-epidemic measures, the organizers canceled the holiday events. “Order of the Patriotic war” was to be installed in the centre of the village in June, after the removal of high alert in the region. However, the present monument during the holidays in the virtual marathon.