Project #mosqueteros the Moscow Committee for tourism has compiled online excursions to picturesque places of the city. So, without leaving home you can visit the Museum-reserves Tsaritsyno and Kolomenskoye, the former Andronikov monastery and the Kremlin in Izmailovo.

Sightseeing tour will hold the Director of the complex. Participants of the informative walk will see the largest in the capital, the Palace and Park ensemble, learn the history and architectural features of its buildings, hear the secrets of the inhabitants of the Great Tsaritsyno Palace.

“Kolomenskoye” — another Museum-reserve, where you can go online. The participants of the virtual tour to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the Russian construction business and see the Church of St. George, the Mokhovaya tower of Sumskoy Ostrog, a gate tower of Nicolo-karelskogo monastery and the tower of Bratsk stockaded town is a monument of defensive architecture of the XVII century.

to Visit the grounds of the former Andronikov monastery offers a Museum of ancient Russian culture and art named after Andrei Rublev. Viewers will see the Savior Cathedral — the most ancient white stone Church of Moscow, which was painted by Andrei Rublev, who lived in the Andronikov monastery. In addition, participants will show works of ancient art.

the Kremlin in Izmailovo — another attraction you can visit virtual. here are the patrimony of the Romanov dynasty. The participants of the online walking will consider the highest in Moscow wooden Church built without a single nail, and the Palace of Russian dining and patrol towers. In addition, you can learn why the Silver-Grape pond called the cradle of Russian fleet, where you make a wish to come true, and where they sell products of masters from all over Russia.

“Directors” and “Diva”: the project #Mosqueteros there were masterpieces of modern periparus Jerzy and car infirmary a virtual tour of the Museum of the Moscow railway

#Mosqueteros — special , launched together with the cultural sites of the capital. It is possible to visit virtual tours, listen to lectures, to see theatrical performances, cooking shows, fashion shows and more.